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2005 Porsche Boxster Review

2005 Porsche Boxer New Car Review

by Jeff Voth

The timbre of a Boxster engine at idle is unlike anything else on the face of the planet. If you could capture it in a bottle, wrap it in a stylish box and put it on sale, the need for Viagra would disappear. Its music to ears of anyone who understands that driving is so much more than just getting from point A to point B.
2005 Porsche Boxster

The goal for the new Porsche Boxster series was to amplify its distinctive good looks and achieve perfection through evolution, not revolution. In other words, Porsche wasn't looking for the full reality series makeover, but rather the nip and tuck approach preferred by the majority of Hollywood celebs. Topping the list of things to do was adding more horsepower.

The new Porsche Boxster entry level engine is a 2.7 litre flat six that cranks out 240 hp @ 6400 rpm. Maximum torque is rated as 199 lb-ft @ 4700-6000 rpm.The Boxster S bumps displacement to 3.2 litres and a pulsating 280 hp @ 6200 rpm, with torque numbers set as 236 lb-ft @ 4700-6200 rpm.

Porsche didn't fool around with the redesign of the unmistakable sound of the flat six engines. Packaged together with a new, extra-large exhaust system, torque improves significantly. Punch the throttle and acceleration is immediate. Zero to 60 mph is reached in 6.2 seconds with the Boxster and 5.5 seconds in the Boxster S.

A recent foray down the Austrian Autobahn, and a subsequent back road expedition through the picturesque Alpine countryside, proved this baby Porsche's mettle. Top speed for both models is 155 mph and 161 mph respectively.

Two transmissions are available for each Boxster model.

The 5-speed manual gearbox of the Boxster is carried over from the previous model, while a new 6-speed manual operates in the Boxster S. Shift travel on the new manual transmission has been reduced by approximately 15 percent, while the original 5-speed has been improved by an astounding 27 percent.

Porsche's wonderful Tiptronic 5-speed automatic transmission is available in both Boxsters'. Providing drivers with the opportunity to shift gears manually, the Tiptronic option makes a whole lot of sense for those who like to do some of the work themselves, but prefer not having to engage a clutch.

To match the added performance of both models, new larger diameter, inner-vented, cross-drilled brakes offer superior stopping power. A twin-circuit brake system with 4-piston calipers and ABS brings the Boxster to a rapid and secure stop.

2005 Porsche Boxster S

Distinctive on the Boxster are black epoxy finished calipers, while the Boxster S displays a red color scheme. Also new in 2005 for the Boxster S is the opportunity to order Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes.

Externally the latest Boxster radiates the essence of its Uber-expensive 911 sibling, with a dynamic side profile, wider track and muscular flanks. A covered undercarriage allows unrestricted airflow, while redesigned front spoiler ducts gulp in huge volumes of air, directing it to specific areas including the disc brakes.

Taking several of its styling ques from the Carrera GT, new dual support side mirrors further reduce airflow and rain from building up on the glass surfaces. Larger air scoops behind each door improves downforce, while at the same time helping breathe new life into the engine. The functional rear spoiler has also been enhanced to extend higher, adding downforce to the rear of the car.

Large side windows enhance visibility in several ways. Through excellent aerodynamics, the greater curvature of the A-pillars reduces unwanted airflow around the window and also lowers wind noise. Additionally the side windows are covered with a hydrophobic surface coating, helping to ensure a clear view and improved scratch resistance.

2005 Porsche Boxster Interior

Porsche did away with the static, mind-numbing dash layout of the previous model, vigilantly crafting the control center to bring the new car into the 21st Century, but maintain the pedigree established with the original 550 Spyder.

A tightly hooded, three-piece instrument cluster offers tactile feedback between engine and driver. A watch-like, thin metal band separates each dial, with the tachometer taking center stage.

As you would expect, the real joy of owning a Porsche comes through contact with the road. With this in mind, the Boxster offers a superior occupant experience geared towards driving. Highlights include a Sports Chrono Package that measures handling dynamics, easy to use power windows, mirrors and door locks, plus an improved heating and cooling system.

Soft surfaces, aluminum look trim and leather abound, with several upgrades are included on the Boxster S. An innovative magnesium skeleton, 3-spoke leather tilt steering wheel offers a 10% reduction in weight and improved ergonomics. New seats provide improved comfort with four distinctive settings, and for the first time, a BOSE Surround Sound System with 11 speakers is available.

The original Boxster first launched in 1996. Since then, Porsche stock has risen an astounding 858%. A benchmark roadster, it once again sets the high bar for others to follow.


Description: 2-seat performance sports car
Model options: Boxster, Boxster S
Wheelbase: 95.1 inches
Overall length: 170.4 inches
Engine size: Boxster - 2.7 L, 6-cylinder
Boxster S - 3.2L, 6-cylinder
Transmission: Manual-
Boxster 5 - speed
Boxster S 6 - speed
Auto - Tiptronic S
Drive: FWD
Braking: Twin circuit 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS
Air bags: 2 (front), 2 (side), 2 (head)
Fuel mileage city/hwy: M/6: 19/28 mpg
A/4: 18/25 mpg

For More Information Click: Porsche Boxster