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2011 Infiniti G37 Convertible

2011 Sexy Car Buyer's Guide by Martha Hindes

2011 Infiniti G37 Convertible

Whoever said the Orient never could produce a sports car with the maneuverability and magnetic draw of a Euro racer? Obviously, they never saw Infiniti's drop dead gorgeous 2011 G-37, or basked in the lure of its keenly refined shape, delicious amenities and highly-rated, futuristic technology. Getting all that without needing to dabble in the high stakes derivatives market to pretend to afford it can be like a dude sunning on the beach at Rio – enjoying the seductive show without needing to pay an admission fee,

Infiniti's sultry drop-top abandons any intent of its mainstream G sedan relative, best left at home while this haunchy singles swinger goes out for action. Powered by muscle-bound, rear-drive the G-37 hunkers like a toned athlete at the starting gate ready to propel forward. But that coiled power, unleashed, can move with the nimble agility of football great Hines Ward showing the talent that found him a hip-swiveling, Samba-gyrating, breathtaking dance-off winner. That kind of movement has to result from having all the right material in all the right places. (Case in point, the emboldened aluminum hood or three-piece, quick-fold drop top, or “circle of light” tail lamps that all combine to give definition, mobility and balance to one of 2011's sexiest subcompact autos.)

Inside the G-37's supple and soft-touch interior with just the right amount of caressing finesse, its seating knows just how to keep the driver in her place, with high enough bolstering to stay solidly grounded despite quick maneuvers around hairpin mountain curves.  While it claims to seat four, forget anyone but those in front. A wild road racing ride probably wouldn't set well with rear passengers anyway.

Muscle is more than just talk with the G-37. A 3.7-liter V-6 pumps out 325 horsepower to move this vixen through its paces with seven-speed agile ease, or six speed manual if the Sport 6MT is preferred. Dappled with lights and shading, it seems to move while standing still, and just released EPA numbers of 17/25 (auto) and 16/24 (manual) make it doubtful it will stay static.
So you don't have access to Rupert Murdock's billions or penchant for seeking out lurid details. Not to worry. Unlike its European competitors, the mid- to high-$40K starting, or $56.7 Limited Edition price for the G-37 probably won't break the sports car bank. That is unless you give in to temptation and keep adding on those oh so inviting luxury touches. Like Navi. Or Intelligent Cruise Control. Or surround sound Bose audio that emits from the G-37's headrests. In that case, like the bare-it-all Rio beach's preview of tempting attractions, it just might be a “gotcha.”

For more information on the 2011 Infiniti G7 Convertible, click here.

Also, read Bob Plunkett's review on the G37.


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