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Road & Travel - Automotive Safety and Security

Road & Travel Magazine's
Auto Safety and Security Section

Here's an unsurprising fact: women purchase more than 50 percent of all new vehicles and influence over 80 percent of sales. In recent years, women do-it-yourselfers increased from 24 percent to 37 percent, and, while more than 40 percent of all business travelers today are women, many travel by car. That adds up to plenty of women behind the wheel.

Between work, errands, car pooling, and visiting family and friends, women spend more time in their vehicles than men do, which means they are exposed to a higher number of hazards.

RTM's Automotive Safety & Security section provides tips on how to stay safe when traveling alone; how to avoid potential danger on the road; how to keep your car in pique running condition to avoid breakdown; and all you need to know to survive the drive.

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