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Tools for Tots in the Backseat

What you need to make travel with baby easy as pie

Nobody said that traveling with tots was easy – that’s why the market is overflowing with handy equipment to keep your backseat buddies happy during long hauls. Whether they’re secure in a car seat or have graduated to a backseat booster, these useful products will make a difference in the drive.

Diaper Bag Express
Created to fit anywhere, be it your purse or car’s side door, the Diaper Bag Express is a key element to diaper changing with ease. Perfectly designed with clever pockets for easy organization of diapers, wipes and ointment, this carry-all can easily be stowed and grabbed to go. No need to tote an extra-large diaper bag around your shoulder – this simple 13”x 6” carrier can turn any car into a classy (and sanitary) changing area.

Easy-View Baby Mirror
No more craning your neck to check on baby in the back. Attach Easy-View mirror to the center of a rear seat headrest for 360 degree views of back-facing car seats – either way, you’ll have a clear view of your precious cargo while staying focused on the road. A ball and socket pivot makes adjusting easy beforehand too. That means the utmost in safety for both of you. ($9.86)

Snack ‘N Play Tray
A happy child makes a happy parent. Well, at lease when you’re in the car together. To help aid in keeping parent’s sanity, and occupying kids during long drives, Star Kids has come up with the Snack & Play Travel Tray. Unlike many similar products on the market, this kid-friendly play table fastens around the child or the carseat, not across laps – which can be dangerous. Having recently passed crash testing, it’s easily removed in the case of an accident and made of soft nylon for minimum injury (and easy clean-up.) And when you finally reach your destination – simply detach and secure to the stroller. What could be easier? ($24.95)

Beep! Beep! Travel Toy
Teach them proper driving technique from the get-go with this IQ Baby gear. This soft, cushy toy will keep tots busy during long drives exploring thier own mobile rattle phone, mirror, zipper, gear shift stick and, of course, steering wheel. A useful take-along handle makes carrying inside a breeze, and for fidgety travels, the toy attaches to a stroller with its velcro straps and is ideal for newborns and children up to 30 months. ($30)

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