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How to Choose a Reputable Driving School for Your Teen

How to Choose a Reputable Driving School for Your Teen
by Mollie Jones

Choosing a driving school for your teen can be a difficult decision. Use the following tips to find a reputable driver’s education course to help prepare your teen to get behind the wheel.

Get recommendations
If your teen’s high school doesn’t offer a driver’s education course, ask if they recommend a local driving school. Also check with friends, family and neighbors to see if they have recommendations for a first-rate driving school. Contact your state’s department of motor vehicles for a list of state-certified local schools.

What to look for
Look for a driver’s education course that encourages parent involvement. Some schools invite parents to attend the first class and provide regular updates on your teen’s progress throughout the course.

Find out if the driving school offers supervised lessons on a variety of road types and driving conditions so your teen can gain behind-the-wheel experience driving in different situations.

Ask about the condition of the cars your teen will be driving: Are they regularly maintained? Are all safety features in working order? Do the tires have good tread left on them?

Get the best deal
Ask each driving school you’re considering if they’re associated with any professional organizations like as AAA or a local police department. If you’re a member of AAA, you may be eligible to receive a discount on the course. Some insurance companies may even offer a discount on your teen’s auto insurance policy for completing a certified driver safety course.

Signing up for a driver’s education course is only part of smarter teen driving. Effective teenage driving safety starts by setting a positive example behind the wheel. Also, don’t forget to keep your son or daughter protected on the road with car insurance for teenagers. Compare quotes from trusted car insurance companies that offer multiple discounts for more affordable coverage, like a discount for completing a driving safety course.

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