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Ontario 100 Fountain Spa

Ontario's 100 Fountain Spa Offers Wine-Related Treatments

by Heidi Staseson

Everything’s coming up grapes at the Vintage Hotels in Niagara-on-the-Lake and its juiciest new attraction, the 100 Fountain Spa. In the early part of ’06, the spa underwent its own full-body restoration, turning what had been a 12-year-old pit stop into a sublimely decadent destination, while incorporating rich local county nuances in its offerings, namely, all things wine-related.

100 Fountain Spa, Ontario
Purple Feet Pedicure - Vino Scrub

Let’s start with The Purple Feet Pedicure (PFP), which I can truly say is the most sinful experience I’ve had with a Cab—even though I was drinking a fine Gamay Noir at the time. So what exactly goes into the PFP? It’s basically a concoction of dehydrated and crushed Cabernet grape skins in a mortar-and-pestle mix of grape seed oil which is applied, scrubbed and massaged on the feet, followed by a sweet, warm maple syrup foot mask and heat treatment, complete with bags and booties, and finished with a slick nail shade of your choosing.

This purely Canadian luxury is the brainchild of spa assistant manager Tina Lea Green, who’s basically taken the 100 Fountain’s Perfect Spa Pedicure and stepped it up a notch. She says both maple syrup and grape extracts have anti-inflammatory properties that are hydrating and nourishing to the skin that, when combined, make an incredible mask for your feet.

“It’s the exact procedure as a regular pedicure but instead of a salt scrub we use the grape pomace,” she says, explaining that pomace is the raw material from the wine-making process, using Cabernet grapes which are typically dark purple in colour.

“They will dry the skins, grind it up and [chefs] actually use it as a farina, or flour, in cooking. They make pizza with it and cookies.”

It also creates a very natural type of pedicure, hence, the purple feet. I’m sure the artist-once-again-known-as Prince or Barney (when he comes of age), would approve. Indeed, this ain’t no treatment for teetotalers. If you’re going to experience the catchiest autumn promo in all its radiant splendor, then you ought to be prepared to slather and soak in the vino full force.

Tina presented me with a menu of local vineyard varieties, from which I could choose a glass to help luxuriate in my purple haze. I chose the Gamay Noir by local hotspot Château des Charmes. Other features include vintages from Inniskillin, Marynissen Estates, Reif Estate and organic new kid Frog Pond Farm. Each of these five wineries sponsor their own spa treatment rooms such as the Inniskillin’s Vichy Shower Room with its virtual rain shower massage equipment and wooden grape barrel accents.

My wine selection was scintillating, but just make sure when you’re swirling your own glass for a leg check, you’ve got the Shiatsu chair on a slow vibrate. Otherwise your fleece-lined, snow-white robe won’t look so virginal. (Same goes for your crisp, hotel linen duvet cover, should your pedicurist miss a spot in the rinse-off.)

And if you do have an aversion to the fermented grape, I’m sure your competent spa host will oblige you with a long-stemmed glass of grape juice, or at best a goblet of cucumber water.

100 Fountain Spa, Ontario
Pedicures at 100 Fountain Spa

When you’re all spa’d out, try dining Savannah-style at Vintage Hotel’s Tiara restaurant, in all her Georgian glory. Located in the Queen’s Landing Inn & Conference Resort, the circular dining room houses a spectacular view of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Harbour, while renowned chef Andrew Dymond serves up heaven from his seven-course taster menu. Start with the amuse bouche of Nova Scotian lobster and wind up with the melt-off-the-bone Australian lamb rack chops with three-mustard crust, sweet corn and minted barley, tru lamb jus and capped with a perfect 2002 Henry of Pellam, Cab/Merlot.

Then take another load off with the pastry pour deux—mine was truly double chocolate dreaminess—and then roll back to your room…just make sure to hit the 100 Fountain Spa’s Healthy Living Centre the next morning.


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