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With more than 156 million spa visits the past year, going to the spa has become more a part of a healthy lifestyle as opposed to just a luxury. And because the number of total spa visits continues to grow each year, Hyatt Resorts recognizes that more and more spa guests are first-time users and they want to ensure all guests feel comfortable - so they have created Spa Simple by Spa Hyatt.

Spa Simple by Spa Hyatt will put everyone - from beginners to spa connoisseurs - at ease so they can enjoy and benefit from their spa experience. Since hotel and resort spas are the second largest segment of spas in the industry, Gordon Tareta, director of spa operations for Spa Hyatt, the largest operator of hotel and resort spas, has created a list of simple tips that address common questions of many spa guests. The list of Gordon-s tips along with a directory of Spa Hyatt spas and treatments can also be found on the Web by visiting

Spa Simple by Spa Hyatt offers the following easy steps to help their guests make the most of their spa visit:

  • Make spa appointments in advance to ensure availability of treatments and therapist preferences. Hyatt has noticed an increase in people planning activities before they depart for vacation as opposed to when they arrive, so booking your spa visit early will help you get the treatment and time you desire.

  • Ask questions before your visit to put yourself at ease. When scheduling your appointment don't be afraid to ask anything.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to your appointment to allow time to check in and change. Late arrivals normally do not receive an extension of time.

  • Request a complete tour of the spa facilities to help feel comfortable in the environment. If you want a tour, be sure to arrive more than 15 minutes early.

  • Don't be shy about requesting a therapist; when scheduling your appointment it is acceptable to state if you prefer a male or female therapist. Rest assured that all therapists are trained professionals.

  • It's okay not to talk during the treatment if you don't want to; the therapist will take their cue from you.

  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable; although the majority of people completely undress for a treatment, it isn't necessary. Spas won't compromise modesty.

  • Tipping is at your discretion, but 15-20 percent is typical for good service.

  • Speak up and let the therapist know if the pressure is not adequate or too firm. Express your likes and dislikes and feel free to ask questions.

  • Remember, the right way to spa is your way; experiencing a spa treatment is very personal so approach the experience in a way that makes you most comfortable.

  • Try something new by listening to the recommendations of spa employees or other guests. There is so much to try in the world of treatments - don't be afraid to explore these options.

  • Jewelry should not be worn during your massage. It is best to leave valuables at home or in your room safe deposit box.

  • Cell phones and pagers don't belong in the spa; ensure the integrity of the spa experience by leaving these devices behind.

  • Advise the spa of any medical conditions or pregnancy so they can advise proper treatments.

  • Just relax and put yourself into the hands of the trained professionals to enjoy the experience.

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