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Night and Day: Rain Forst Adventures

Take Eco-friendly Tours through Costa Rica’s Rain Forest

TPlaya Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is an environmentally sensitive multi-sport lodge set on a 165-acre private preserve in the undeveloped Pacific Coast of Southern Costa Rica. The Lodge embraces conservation and harmony with the natural environment and caters to travelers interested in enjoying ecotourism, nature, adventure and sports. Tours and activities are conducted in the most safe and respectful manner possible.

Playa Nicuesa Lodge - Cabin
Playa Nicuesa Lodge - Cabin

One of the many eco-friendly ways adventurers can experience Playa Nicuesa is through nocturnal and early morning adventures into Costa Rica's largest intact lowland tropical rainforest finds guests of all ages immersed in a symphony of screeches, cooing & croaks.
For the animal watcher and rain forest lover, Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge offers excursions in search of elusive Osa Peninsula-Golfo Dulce fauna, such as crocodiles, poison dart frogs, eyelash pit vipers, bats, kinkajous, mapaches, peccaries and more.
Tómas, the Lodge’s charismatic animal tracker, was born under a heritage mango tree on the preserve and has strong historical connection to Nicuesa. He is tied to the land, having lived there for all 53 years of his life, and understands the jungle. Although Tomas once hunted these animals, he is now reformed and utilizes his skills as a warden of the Nicuesa preserve, working in harmony with Playa Nicuesa’s goals of being good stewards of the land and the birds and animals that use it as their habitat.
The Osa Peninsula – Golfo Dulce region contains 13 major ecosystems, up to 50% of the biodiversity of Costa Rica, and approximately 2.5% of the biodiversity of the entire world.
Nocturnal adventures are like no other. Armed with night scopes and flashlights, adventurers head out at dusk with Tómas, venturing towards the lagoon and waterfront in search of animals that go about their business under cover of darkness - snakes, bats, marine toads, crocodiles, and nocturnal mammals such as the kinkajous and mapaches.
Guests can listen to the symphony of frogs and night birds, especially on a full moon. They can even stare back at the many eyes they find staring at them!

Playa Nicuesa Lodge - Cabin
Playa Nicuesa Lodge - Cabin Interior

Early morning excursions offer guests the opportunity to track and use all five senses plus common sense to follow a trail through the jungle to see, hear and smell signs of animals that have trodden only hours or moments before. Guests depart at sunrise in search of wild peccaries, pizotes, agouti, lizards, as well as signs of wild cats observing the movements of animals through tracks, scents, and other signs including scat, hair and beds. Also, when guests are not looking down, they can look up at the lush canopy to see white face monkeys swinging in the branches or some of the 275 species of birds, including the chestnut mandible toucan, sited at Playa Nicuesa. After this adventure through the waking rain forests, guests return to the lodge in time for a hearty breakfast. 

For adventures looking to sneak into the rain forest at night, Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge offers the Bats, Snakes & Frogs package which includes 4 night’s accommodations and meals, three tracking excursions, waterfall hike and jungle river tour. Visit Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge for more information about travel packages and sustainable travel practices.

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Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge