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• • • • • N E B R A S K A • • • • •

Chimney Rock

Once you see the vast fields of wheat (and corn) stretching out for miles into the horizon, you realize it's no surprise Nebraska has been called the "breadbasket" of the United States. A leader in crop and livestock production, 96 percent of Nebraska's land is used for agricultural purposes. Pioneers traveled across Nebraska's plains to reach the West and their path is still visible from the ruts etched by the stream of covered wagons that traversed the area. History is important to Nebraska, which has a very strong and distinct Native American heritage.

The attractions in Lincoln and Omaha range from art museums to an IMAX Theater to a world-class zoo and aquarium. The cities offer a small-town atmosphere while providing all the convenience and activities of metropolitan life. In Lincoln, for example, space for business meetings can be held in quaint B&Bs or in large event centers. If you're in Omaha for business, treat yourself to the local specialty -- a nice, juicy steak!

C O N V E N T I O N   V I S I T O R S   B U R E A U S

Learn more about Nebraska, its history, attractions, events and regions at the Nebraska Tourism Office website.

Lincoln offers a small-town ambience with the amenities, attractions and entertainment opportunities of a major metropolitan area. The community is family oriented, offering a safe environment, central location, reasonable prices and best of all, friendly, caring people. Lincoln offers a variety of ethnic and specialty restaurants along with traditional Midwest fare. Entertainment options range from the world-famous Elephant Hall located in the University of Nebraska State Museum to pro baseball.

N E B R A S K A   T R A V E L   P L A N N E R
Historical Note: Through study of Nebraska's underlying rock formations and fossil remains, it's been determined that at first the area underlying the state was a seabed. This seabed gradually rose and became a high plains area which hosted mammoths, prehistoric rhinos and horses. Then at some point in prehistory a gigantic volcanic eruption to the southwest buried much of the state in volcanic ash, killing its wildlife populations. The state was gradually repopulated with buffalo, antelope and deer as we know them today.