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Take a "Guide" Down I-75

Tips for Traveling Along I-75, from Michigan to Florida

As vacationers begin heading south in search of warmer climates for spring break, those in the Midwest realize they will inevitably spend a lot of hours on Interstate-75, the popular U.S freeway that runs between Michigan and Florida.

For those who want to make the trip itself part of the adventure, author and frequent radio segment host Dave Hunter, will inform and amuse you along the way. You won't find him thumbing a ride by the side of the road; but you can find his useful information in his book, Along Interstate-75.

Along Interstate I-75, by Dave Hunter

Hunter knows a lot when it comes to what there is to see, do and learn about I-75. He has carefully researched it for more than 14 years, and is happily sharing what he has learned in the editions of Along Interstate-75, which includes insider information for interstate travelers between Detroit and the Florida border.

While compiling the information for his books, Hunter kept careful count of changes in gas, food and lodging exit services since the last edition — many new opened and closed resulting in numerous changes within the span of a year.

Of course, all of the exit information about rest stops, restaurants, service stations, etc. is accurate, as all previous editions of Along Interstate-75 include reliable information about construction zones, speed traps, and exit changes.

Where to eat while on the road is always a factor, so travelers will be happy to know that Hunter includes information about restaurants which only the locals know. All the restaurants included have met Hunter's high standards for cleanliness, friendly service and reasonable pricing.

One of the sections of the book everyone seems to enjoy is the "Mile-by-Mile" story pages. These pages are filled with interesting trivia and little-known history, making the miles fly by. Among the stories is one about the original opening of Interstate-75 on December 21, 1977. There are photographs, the official program, and a recently discovered I-75 song commissioned for the opening ceremonies. The 100th anniversary of Einstein's famous equation, E-MC2, even has an I-75 connection.

Dave Hunter highlights stops along I-75
Dave highlights different places to stop along the way.

When it comes to looking for places to stop, one of Hunters's tastiest discoveries to date is Mayfield Dairy Farms at Exit 52 near Athens, Tenn., home to what Time Magazine calls, "the world's best ice-cream." Mayfield's ice cream flavors range from classic vanilla to exotic "bluberry cream pie" (cream cheese flavored ice cream with blueberry siwl and sugar pie pieces).

Or maybe you'd prefer stopping at The Whistle Stop cafe at Exit 186 near Juliette, Georgia, the backdrop for the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes." The Whistle Stop cafe serves fried green tomatoes among other southern favorites, but sets the up the warm, friendly environment of the town of Juliette.

All these places are just a few minutes off the Interstate and are just some of the new I-75 discoveries awaiting travelers.

For more information, visit Interstate 75 and Florida Expressways Online.

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