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Traveling Luggage Free

Shipping Luggage Tips

Over the years, the air travel industry has gone through massive changes for a variety of reasons including improved technological advances, heightened security measures resulting from 9/11, and most recently, passengers seeking convenience and peace of mind. The airlines went from paper tickets to e-tickets, airports went from random baggage screening to 100 percent inspection of checked baggage utilizing sophisticated security screening equipment, and now air travelers are changing their ways as well.

Undoubtedly, one of the largest hindrances of air travel today is the transporting of luggage. Travelers have the persistent anxiety of knowing their bags may go astray, the potential for damaged personal possessions and the excessive loss of time from waiting at luggage carousels. Today' air travelers are now eliminating much of the above stress in their lives by shipping their luggage ahead rather than checking it through the airlines.

Shipping luggage ahead not only provides peace of mind and convenience, but is also reliable, safe and secure. Additionally, with airlines now strictly enforcing luggage maximum weight restrictions and enforcing strict carry-on rules, passengers are often faced with mandatory fees for overweight bags. For example, a bag that is only one pound over the 50 pound per bag maximum weight limitation will cost the passenger an additional $25 charge. Also, with most airlines, passengers are subject to additional fees when checking more than two bags.

Companies such as The Luggage Club, a leading door-to-door luggage, sports equipment and goods delivery service is a good example of the latest innovation in air travel. The Luggage Club
is positioned to meet the needs of this growing trend of travelers shipping their luggage in advance of their trip.

Travelers' luggage can be picked up at their home or location of choice, delivered to their travel destination and returned again at the end of their trip. Plus, The Luggage Club has no limits on size, weight or number of pieces of luggage being shipped and service is offered worldwide in 220 countries and territories.

"With the various changes in travel that have occurred over the past few years, our service can eliminate the hassles and stress associated with lugging bags to, through and from the airport," said Todd Kempinger of the Luggage Club, "Our goal is to 'change the way people travel' and make shipping luggage ahead a routine part of the travel planning process."

The Luggage Club offers a variety of programs including discounted prices for disabled travelers who want to ship their wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility-assisted equipment. Travelers Club Programs and Gift Cards are also available.

(Source: The Luggage Club)