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A Traveling Woman's Essentials

Packing Essentials for Every Woman Traveler

by Jessica Howell

After months of planning, you've finally booked the vacation of your dreams and the only thing on your mind now is the suddenly menacing suitcase that lays empty on your bed, sneering at you. Has it always been this small? While you were hunched over your computer plotting, planning and booking your marvelous trip - your suitcase must have been busy shrinking.

What will you do? Relax - because ROAD & TRAVEL has put together their list of packing essentials for the even the most discriminating female traveler. All you have to do is scroll below to find the best of the best when it comes to scrunchably small, convenient and useful travel necessities.

Milano Laptop Tote and Carry-On
You've seen her at the airport - the frustrated multi-tasker who's struggling to make it to her terminal in time, a laptop case swung around her shoulder, handbag in right hand, mocha latte in left, and carry-on dragging behind. Worse yet, you've seen her clamoring down the plane's aisle, unknowingly knocking elbows and side-swiping innocent passengers, eyes locked on the seat next to yours. Nobody wants to be that woman. Keep things simple with the new MobileEdge Milano tote, specially designed to hold and protect your precious laptop with Saf-T-Cell technology, while keeping cell phone, wallet and all the other necessities on hand. Complete with a removable wristlet for cosmetics or loose change, we gaurantee that this bag will be the end of your carry-on chaos.

View this and other styles at

T3 Featherweight Tourmaline Hair Dryer
Feather-light, foldable and packed with professional power, this blow dryer exceeds all expectations. Created using breakthrough Tourmaline technology that uses a semi-precious mineral to dry hair more quickly while eliminating static at the same time, the T3 Ionic Hair Dryer for Travel guarantees a smooth, silky finish that beats any hotel dryer hands down. Using the T3 meant that we were out the door ten minutes ahead of schedule. Less time blow-drying means more time exploring; and who wouldn't like that?

For more information, visit

Kim Allen Silk
Finally - the wrinkle-free, warm weather, cold weather, washable solution for all of your traveling woes. Silk! Luxuriously soft knit silk, to be more precise. Available in camisoles, underwear, leggings, robes and everything else that's comfy for travel - these pieces by Kim Allen Silk can be squeezed into the tiniest of suitcase gaps. The best part (yes, there's more) is the washing directions: just squeeze a little bit of your hotel shampoo sample into a water-filled sink and rinse. Hang overnight to dry and you're set to go. Does it get any easier?

Free shipping worldwide at

Quilted Cosmetic Case
The most daunting of all tasks when it comes to travel packing is made simple with Magellan's Quilted Cosmetics Train Case. Compact and accordion-style, the kit is equipped with a large, roomy bottom, four trays, sleeves for mascara, pencils and brushes, and zippered pockets to create space for all of your bottles, from lotion to hairspray - and kept our beauty goodies more organized on the road than they are at home! The soft microfiber cover is removable, but helps to keep your contents safe on a bumpy ride and cleans easily with a damp cloth. Stylish, practical and it even has a cushioned shoulder strap.

For more information, visit Magellan'

Anne McAlpin Travel Towel 3-in-1
There are plenty of soak-it-up, super travel towels out on the market - but not many that can realistically double as a sarong, travel blanket and pretty wrap. That's why we like Anne McAlpin's version that is soft and supple enough for the bathroom while strong enough for the beach at the same time. And to prove that good things do come in small packages, this towel folds down to an incredibly slim size and comes with a handy mesh tote for storing. Not only will you save yourself space, you'll feel good buying Anne McAlpin's Travel Towel - 30 percent of all sales go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

For more information, visit