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Travel Sized Beauty

Packable Products Make for Lighter Travel

by Jessica Howell

Ask any savvy jet setter what the worst part of traveling is and they’ll give you one answer. Okay, maybe two. First will likely be the dreaded airport game – ruthless security guards, endless terminals and achy feet. But second, we assure you, will be the harrowing packing/unpacking experience – trying to cram all of your living necessities into a space that can barely hold your three favorite handbags – let alone your wardrobe, beauty and styling products for a seven-day jaunt.

Simplify, simplify, simplify
That’s where we step in. Here, we’ve compiled a selection of our favorite travel-sized beauty must-haves. Compact, yet effective – and arranged in easy-to-toss, spill proof containers, these goods will save you time and frustration before your next my flight leaves in an hour freak out. And let’s be honest – there’s something adoringly cute about these miniature bottles of beauty goo. Proven once more: good things really do come in small packages!

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care – Jet Set Kit
Created for those of us juggling three or more frequent flyer rewards cards, the Dr. Hauschka Jet Set Kit is a glimpse of hope in a desolate business class cabin. Secure in a pretty aluminum case that’s perfectly proportioned to pop into a purse or carry-on, the kit contains five products to help fight the dry air of a pressurized cabin and bring back your gorgeous, natural glow.

Let’s break it down. Dr. Hauschka’s Eye Solace is a good first choice. A couple hours in and you’ll be dying to unwrap the cool compress and refreshingly dab at your parched peepers. Grab the clean, lightly scented Hand Cream for a much-needed moisture surge. Before beginning descent, you’ll want to make use of the Facial Toner and Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner, both of which are handy pick-me-ups during a long flight. Splash ‘em on – the Facial Toner can even be used over make-up. Once you’ve made it to your final destination, it’s time to relax. Smear on the Rejuvenating Mask and watch your skin plump right back up to its healthy, vital self. Ah, the wonders. And the best part is that Dr. Hauschka’s products are the purest, most natural you can find.


Jack Black “Shave In A Bag”
Even the most harried male business travelers start the day with a clean shave. Five o’clock shadows aren’t acceptable anywhere. To keep him groomed and razor sharp, pick up Jack Black’s “Shave In A Bag” set for your traveling man. Three bottles, one bag, close shave – what could be easier? You’ll find a soft, flannel bag that closes with drawstring to hold a tube of Face Buff Energizing Scrub (packed with vitamin C and menthol for a close shave,) Beard Lube Conditioning Shave that works like three products-in-one, and Post Shave Cooling Gel to kill the burn fast.

Fresh but not feminine in the least, this is the original of manly man basics. And we love it. In fact (in a pinch) you can borrow the Beard Lube for sleek and soft legs and underarms. We won’t tell!


GoSMILE Jet Set AM/PM Mini Kit
Dazzle the bellboy with your polished, pearly whites – you won’t be able to help yourself after using GoSMILE’s Tooth Whitening System. Quick and easier than any peroxide whitening strips or icky gel, this kit makes keeping your teeth brilliantly bright a breeze. And an invigorating flavor makes brushing a little less routine. Tucked into a petite, packable clear zip case, you’ll find two travel sizes of toothpaste – a miniAM and mini PM Aromatherapy Whitening Toothpaste along with a travel toothbrush that can act as a regular sized toothbrush and then enclose itself into a small case for safe, protected travel.

For tooth whitening on the go, you can’t beat GoSMILE. And there’s no need to splurge; small sizes equal small prices for this travel treatment.


Bliss’ Lemon + Sage Sinkside Six Pack
It’s like being at the spa, minus the spa. Bliss has created a handy collection of its most-loved bath and skincare products in slimmed-down sizes. Forget those compli-mentary toiletries that the hotel leaves out (unless, of course, you’re staying at a W Hotel, which features Bliss products) and pack your own.

We’ve got you covered. A mini bar of Lemon + Sage scented Soapy Slab, Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Supershine Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse, Soapy Sap and Body Butter. Deliciously scented and bubbly to boot, these cleansing products will keep you squeaky clean even in Hawaii’s humid heat. Zip up the clear tote that holds all six and toss it into your suitcase – you’re good to go.


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