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Traveling with Your iPod

iPod Programs that Make Travel Easy
by Jessica Howell

Catch a flight without your iPod in tow? I don't think so. The device that changed the way the world thinks about music is a must-have during travel... and for purposes you may not have known about! To find out how you can use your iPod to go above and beyond music playback, keep reading...

No hotel gym? No problem. If you're a member of PodFitness, you can simply download a few workouts for easy exercise away from home. Choose from more than 100 celebrity fitness trainers and sync their motivating routine to your favorite playlist for optimum energy. Whether you walk, bike, lift or zen out with yoga, there are options aplenty to stretch, tone and pump your body. So don't just lounge on the beach, make use of the sensational backdrop and add some zest to your workout with PodFitness. Users can download up to two workouts each day for $19.95 a month.

Audio Travel Tours
Ever found yourself scouring the streets of a foreign city during your travels, desperate for a few nuggets of insider advice? You're not alone. The brains behind must have been thinking the same thing… because they've launched a new virtual community where people can log on (for free!), find, purchase, download and listen to audio tours that other members have created to share-and you can do the same.

Foreign Language
International travelers will want to check out Talking Panda's iLingo, a multi-language pack that you can purchase at Apple stores or download online. Offered in two bundles, the Euro Pack 2.0 (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian) and the Asia Pack 2.0 (Cantonese, Madarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese), these programs include over 400 words and phrases for whatever language you want to use on the go. Best of all, you'll get proper pronunciation and the ability to replay phrases as many times as you need.