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With Children Safety Comes First

Protect Children from Disasters with Amazing New Products

Every year, over 2 million children go to hospital emergency rooms because of accidents. Here are some items that work to prevent children from dangerous situations while on the road or at home.

Well over 160,000 children aged 5-11 visited hospital accident and emergency departments in 1999 as a result of accidents at educational establishments. Over 80,000 of these visited A&E after being bumped into, and over 9,000 as a result of pinching, crushing, cutting, tearing or puncturing themselves.

Comfaset by Caring Parent Designs

Comfaset by Caring Parent Designs

Protect children from the hot seat! Comfaset is a reflective car seat cover used while the seat is unoccupied. Keeps buckles from becoming hot enough to burn children. The design keeps the seat 50-degrees cooler than the rest of car. An extra cooling pack keeps the car seat cold. Comfaset conveniently rolls up and attaches to back of car seat for easy storage.

Baby-Everywhere Diaper Bag by Baby-Everywhere

Be prepared for a baby emergency at all times! The Baby-Everywhere Diaper Bag is the ONLY diaper bag for safety-conscious parents. It includes a book (in English and Spanish) for instant help in an emergency, a bottle, blanket, first aid kit, places for medications and a toy, changing pad, plastic pouch for diapers, waterproof lining, zippered compartments for wallet and key.

Jakoter Health Organizer by Jakoter, LLC

The Jakoter Health Organizer is a lifesaver for parent and child! The organizer allows parents to keep their child's crucial information all in one place so they don't waste time trying to remember dates, medications, or important data. From a child's medical appointments and health conditions to allergies and medical history, parents will be ready when they need it.

Thumper Bumpers by The Dawn of Creation

There's now a way to bumper proof young children! Thumper Bumpers are adorable, yet durable hats that help protect young children from the bumps, bangs and bruises of growing up. The protective safety hat for infants and toddlers features seven strategically located padded areas. They are comfortable, adjustable, and machine washable.

The Captain’s Seat by Sunshine Kids

The Captain's Seat by Sunshine Kids
The Captain's Seat

The Captain’s Seat has two armrests that provide a snug and comfortable ride and the cushioned, non-slip base will prevent any sideways sliding or moving around. With plenty of perfectly sized pockets that will hold electronic games, books, pencils and other toys and a drinks holder, children will have everything they need close at hand, helping the driver to concentrate on the road knowing that the little passenger in the back is happy. And the cushions are removable for easy care and the product is washable.

Easy View by Sunshine Kids

Easy View by Sunshine Kids
Easy View

With most modern cars having passenger side airbags it is not always possible to place rear facing baby seats on the front passenger seat. The Easy-View is the first back seat mirror that rotates 360 degrees and pivots on a ball and socket to provide the perfect angle for viewing an infant in the rear of the car.

Easy-View attaches to the centre of the rear headrest, which means that it maintains unobstructed rear visibility for the driver. The convex mirror surface offers the largest reflection of any back seat mirror. And the mirror has a strong lightweight construction with a child safe plastic mirror.

Friendly Forest by Sunshine Kids

Designed to keep babies and toddlers amused while in the car Friendly Forest is a brightly colored travel activity panel that can be used with either forward or rearward facing safety seats. Featuring a soft-flex mirror and two bouncing characters, it will attract attention, help stimulate focus and encourage the development of visual skills, as well as offering amusement on any car journey. Covered in a soft fabric, the foam panel is attached in seconds using the fitted hook and loop fasteners.


ToddlerCoddler is a padded travel support to prevent sleeping toddlers in forward facing car seats or boosters from slumping forward or to the side by providing head, neck, and lateral support. Recent studies have shown that, just like adults, young children can be adversely affected by the "slump" of sleeping in the car in many standard car seats. ToddlerCoddler counteracts this in a comfortable and safe way. Because of its versatile adjustable harness, it can go anywhere. It is designed to work in every model of car seat and booster. All that is required is a headrest or seat back. It can also be used for special-needs children, including those with low muscle tone and cerebral palsy. It is also recommended by chiropractors for healthy spine alignment.

Auto Mobiles

Auto Mobiles are mom-invented portable baby mobiles easily attach to the car's headliner and do not obstruct the driver's view. Gone are the days of fishing for toys in the backseat; Auto Mobiles keep a child entertained and feeling at home on the road. Auto Mobiles come in three fun designs: Garden Friends, Galactic Friends, and Barnyard Buddies, each with expressive and vibrant colors. Auto Mobiles peel off easily without damaging the ceiling fabric.

Here’s hoping all your travels find you and your little ones arriving safe and sound.

For more information, visit Child Accident Prevention Trust.

Source: Best Products Media Guide