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How to Insure the Perfect Trip

How to Insure the Perfect Vacation

You just finished booking that family trip to Disney World with the kids, the fun in the sun beach break for your college student, or maybe your much anticipated honeymoon in Europe. You have your passport, camera and bags all packed. Now there is just one more thing you need — comprehensive travel insurance.

Travel insurance provides vacationers with a much-needed safety net when they are on their worldwide adventures. According to Peter Evans, executive vice president of, many travelers often overlook this very important aspect of vacation planning when preparing for a trip.

"For many people, buying travel insurance is the most unfamiliar and maybe the least exciting element of planning your travels," Evans said. "But without a doubt, it is also the single most important consideration you can make to protect your vacation investment and your personal well-being."

Travel insurance provides coverage for a wide-range of travel risks including trip cancellation, trip interruptions, medical coverage and medical evacuation protection. Despite perfect planning, often times trips are canceled or cut short whether by weather, medical emergencies or unforeseen events.

According to Evans, with the average price of a travel insurance policy only costing between 5-7 percent of the trip's cost, it can become an important investment should an emergency occur.

"A great example of this," said Evans, "is the true story of one customer who went to visit her daughter in Spain, and at the same time, her son embarked on a bicycle trek through Italy. Knowing that her primary health benefits at home did not extend overseas, as a precaution she purchased travel insurance protection for both of them."

The customer, according to Evans, had to cut her trip to Spain short when her found out her son was critically injured in a car accident while in Italy. After flying from Spain to Italy to see her son, the customer had to fly her son home for long-term treatment and care.

"The great news is, her son experienced a full recovery and the insurance policies she purchased (a $54 investment) covered the family's related transportation costs, accommodations and meals (an estimated $80,000), and saved them from devastating financial impacts. It was a happy ending for all," he said.

Though travelers may never need to use it, travel insurance can provide a tremendous amount of security and peace of mind for a small fraction of the cost of a trip. Travel insurance companies such as allow travelers to review, rate, compare, analyze and purchase travel insurance.

Next time you are bound for your dream destination, make sure you invest in some peace of mind with travel insurance. This will ensure the trip of your dreams doesn't become a complete nightmare.

Established in 1995, is the leading, consumer-oriented online travel insurance aggregator worldwide. Featuring insurance comparisons from the top 16 industry providers, is a unique, one-stop resource designed to meet consumers' comprehensive travel insurance needs all in a secure environment. also specializes in providing integrated technology solutions for the travel insurance industry, with over 2,000 private-labeled and co-branded travel related websites around the globe. is headquartered in Warwick, RI with additional offices and data centers in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.