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Eco-friendly travel product guide

Eco-Friendly Travel Product Guide

by Jessica Howell

Bamboo tees, recycled paper travel journals, bicycle tire totes. Needless to say, the world of “green” is not what it used to be. Sustainable tourism is red-hot, and eco-friendly folks are snatching up travel goods to accompany them to their far-flung destinations faster than ever.

For the inside scoop on recycled, natural and organic must-haves while on-the-go, look no further. We’ve compiled our favorite green travel buys below; each of them unique in their own way and all clever solutions to reducing our planet’s waste.

After all, if you’re giving up some of your hard-earned green, it might as well be in support of an eco-friendly company!

Packing Solutions

Tire and Hemp Satchel Bag
A sturdy shoulder bag is a must for trendy travelers. This one, made of recycled tire products and pesticide-free natural hemp, tops the list in terms of eco-friendliness. Stylish, durable and weather-resistant, the bag features a turn lock closure, full lining and two outside zipper pockets for quick and easy storage. ($89) Find it here.

Silk Passport Bag
Made from natural silk and free from harsh chemicals, this Little Lucky Silk Bag is the perfect size for storing a passport. With four pockets, magnetic closure, and shoulder strap, it’s ideal for use at the airport, where crucial documents need to be kept close and often presented. ($22) Find it here.

Recycled Travel Bags
Made of reused bike inner tubes and “rediscovered special finds” like vinyl and fabrics, these sweet bags serve many purposes, from a handy passport case to a tote for toiletries. Uniquely expandable and weather-worthy, Flat Bags are full of attitude and make a refreshing eco statement too. ($45) Find it here.

Personal Solutions

Recyclable Travel Cases
Recyclable travel cases might not be made from used goods, but they can be reused, and that’s better than not. Pick up these handy cases for toothbrushes, soap dishes, razors and more for traveling, and then toss them in the recycling bin when finished. ($4) Find it here.

Body Care Bag
Created with their “not so secret” ingredients: goats milk, glycerin, soy wax, shea butter, and essential oils, Zum’s all-natural body products are great for both home and road. Packaged in a perfectly packable zip case, the Zum Bag offers miniatures of the brand’s popular body oil, lotions, lip balm, soaps and skin-conditioning rub, all of wshich smell delightfully delectable. ($15) Find it here.

All Natural Anti-bacterial Towelettes
Keeping clean on the go is a breeze with perx organix Towelettes — formulated with a blend of essential oils to naturally cleans and refresh. Try the cool-scented Mint Blend, which offers 30 towelettes in a tote-compatible container. Perfect for planes, trains and automobiles alike. ($5) Find it here.

Clothing Solutions

Eco Rain Shell Jacket
It may cost a pretty penny, but this Patagonia rain shell jacket offers absolute quality and an environmental conscious. Compressible and wrinkle-resistant, the two layer, seam-sealed jacket is crafted of polyester yarns spun from recycled plastic, not crude oil. ($190) Find it here.

Bamboo Jacket
Naturally soft, breathable and renewable, this zippered jacket is made of bamboo fiber that’s grown in the wild, free from pesticides. Anti-microbial and durable, it makes a comfy addition to any traveler’s wardrobe and comes in sweet shades like Mojito, Chocolate and basic Black. ($60) Find it here.

Stop Global Warming Flip Flops
Handcrafted with organic cotton and featuring outsoles made of actual recycled tire, these comfy flip flops by Simple Shoes are sure to be a staple in your suitcase. Order your pair, which ships in a biodegradable bag, and $5 will automatically be donated to ($65) Find it here.

Other Solutions

Organic Tea in a Traveler’s Tin
"Get Charged" with this organic, caffeine-free red tea by The Republic of Tea. A blend of rooibos (antioxidant power house), Chinese ginseng, Eleuthero and Ashwaganda, it’s created to enhance stamina, mental performance and vitality. Tangy and sharp, the delicious travel tin comes with six tea bags made of unbleached cotton. ($4.75) Find it here.

Dried Cherries
Recent research revealed an easy solution for jet lagged travelers: cherries. Melatonin, which is naturally produced by the body in small amounts, is the key to regulating the sleep-wake cycle, and the richest source of natural melatonin just happens to be these tart fruits. Researchers suggest tucking a bag of dried cherries into your tote and munching on a half cup in the plane. Find retailers here.

Recycled Paper Travel Journal
U.S. consumers go through 100 million tons of paper each year. Using recycled waste creates less air pollution, water pollution and saves precious trees and energy. This journal, handcrafted and made from recycled paper, contains 128 pages to jot down memorable travel memories. ($13) Find it here.

Bite Blocker Insect Repellent
Safe for the entire family, Bite Blocker’s all natural insect repellent comes packaged on 20 handy herbal wipes. Made of plant oils, extracts and derivatives, the proven 90 percent effective formula is organic and protects against mosquitoes and black flies. ($8) Find it here.