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Road & Travel Magazine - Auto Insurance & Accidents Tips & Advice

Auto Insurance, Accidents & Emergency Tips

Auto insurance. Accidents. Stolen vehicles. Emergencies. Unavoidable aspects of everyday life, we all face them - usually when we're unprepared and least expecting them.

Fear not. When a fender-bender catches you off guard, your car goes missing, or auto insurance claims have you buried in paper work, you can count on ROAD & TRAVEL's Auto "Oopsies" section to set you straight.

Chocked full of auto advice for those moments when you need it most, our archive clarifies consumer confusion and help guide you back on track after an unexpected turn in events. From advice on how to handle witnessing a car accident to the steps needed to jump-start a car, you'll find it all here.

New This Month

Evolution of Car Design
Defensive Driving
21st Century Insurance Quote
Women: Stay Insured onBudget
Whats in Your Glovebox?
Extended Car Warranties
Local Insurance Pros
Insuring Teens
Auto Insurance Secrets
Auto Insurance FAQs
Uninsured State Stats
Insuring a Rental Car

Old vs. Young Drivers
What to do After a Crash
Claims: Med Insights & Expenses
Who Pays? Life or Limb?
Does Your Car Have a Black Box
Deer Crashes
Auto Accident: First on Scene


Locked Out of Your Vehicle
How to Jump Your Car
Handling Winter Breakdown
Young Driver's Car Care Kit
Protect Your Car in a Hurricane
Important Items to Carry in Car
How to Fix a Flat
Run Flat Tires
Cold Mornings, Reluctant Engines
Aerosol in Vehicles
Identifying An Officer
On the Road Alone
Being Followed
Parking Lot Predators

Top U.S. Car Theft Cities
Anti-Theft Tips for Summer

Most Stolen Vehicles
Theft Deterrants
Myths and Facts on Car Theft
Stolen Car Buying
VIN Cloning
Handling Car Theft

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