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Earth Friendly Hybrid Cars and Green Vacations: A Guide to Ecologically Friendly Living

Hybrid Car Reviews and Alternative Fuel Resources

It wasn't long ago that the idea of earth being truly, verifiably affected by dangerous consumer decisions seemed a distant dilemma. Yet dramatic changes in the way that we, as both consumer and advocate, think about our future is resulting in improved eco-friendly options. Gas-electric hybrid vehicles are being pushed off assembly lines in astonishing numbers and automakers struggle to keep up with demands of ethanol-curious shoppers scouting out alternatives to staggering pump prices.

More than ever, now is the time to start thinking - and acting - green. Committed to providing you with the best information out there, ROAD & TRAVEL is proud to offer readers access to our newest section, Planet Driven - a place for you to turn when biofuel babble leaves you bewildered or you're simply searching for the latest, greatest green efforts available. Check back frequently for new articles because as we all know, every day brings new advancements in the world of green automotive and travel.

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Will Electric Vehicles Go the Distance?

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