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Car Care & Maintenance Tips

The goal of RTM's Car Care & Maintenance section is keep you on the road and out of repair shops. Why call a mechanic every time you hear a noise? RTM's archives include articles on every-thing from how to keep your carpets clean (dogs or kids?) to how to find an honest mechanic to what to pack for a long road trip.

We’ll provide tips on basic repairs and maintenance, tires, and what to carry in case you break down. Not only will these tips save you hundreds of dollars at repair shops, some may even save your life. You'll learn the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying as well as how to save money on gas. What's more, get great advice on preventative maintenance to avoid future costl
y vehicle make-over's. If you can't find an answer for your question and ask! We'd love to save you a trip to the repair shop.

Car Care: New This Month

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