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Road Humor | A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To... What's Your Story?

Humorous Road Trip Stories

oad humor is so much better than road rage, isn't it? "A funny thing happened on the way to..." stories are usually loaded with more fact than fiction, but that's half the fun in our opinion. Do you have a funny story to share? If it's humorous, funny, downright outrageous, or too silly to be true, you'll find it here. Everyone has a funny story about a trip they took or about their car or about the people that were involved. You're not alone. Keeping our sense of humor in tact on the road these days can be quite challenging!

Road Humor is designed to keep a smile on your face so if you're just getting into work or just getting home from a long drive in road raging traffic and you need a good laugh, give RTM's Road Humor a click and let us make you laugh out loud.

If you would like to submit an article please refer to
RTM's Editorial Guidelines before submitting.


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