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All-New Honda Accord Pricing Announced

All-New 2003 Honda Accord
Prices for the all-new 2003 Honda Accord line-up, with added standard features including anti-lock brakes, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel and more powerful, more fuel efficient engines, will increase an average of 1.37 percent or $293 on sales weighted basis, according to American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The 2003 Accords went on sale Sept. 9.

"Our goal in developing the new Accord was to provide added value to consumers, while staying in the same price range," said Tom Elliott, American Honda executive vice president. "We worked hard to reduce development and manufacturing costs and the end result is additional standard equipment including ABS that consumers are asking for, with only a slight increase in price."

Prices for 2003 Civic and Odyssey models also were released. Civic prices will increase an average of 0.9 percent or $150. Odyssey prices increase an average of 0.55 percent or $150.

The Accord, the best-selling car in America last year and a perennial consumer favorite, has undergone it most dramatic full-model change ever for 2003. Accord prices will start at $15,800 for the DX Sedan now equipped with ABS, larger 15 inch wheels and tires, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, LED instrumentation and power windows.

The best-selling Accord model, the LX Sedan equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission, is priced at $20,000, an increase of $310 or 1.57 percent. The new 4-cylinder engine has increased in horsepower from 150 hp to 160 hp. The automatic transmission is now a 5-speed transmission for improved performance and fuel economy, compared to the 4-speed transmission used on the previous Accords and all other cars in the class. The new powertrain also provides increased fuel economy and lower emissions. The LX Sedan with an automatic transmission is now expected to earn an EPA city/highway rating of 24/33 mpg, compared to 23/30 mpg.

Other new features available on 2003 Accord models include side curtain airbags, a Voice Activated Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation system and the second-generation Traction Control System (TCS) integrated with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) for V6 models, and much more. Interior feature enhancements include increased front interior room and upgraded audio systems.

For more information, click here.

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