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7 Tips to Ensure Safe Travel to Mexico

7 Tips to Assure a Safe Mexican Vacation
Mexican Property Owner Gives the Steps to Safety

While the hot sun, blue waves and white sand make Mexico a tropical paradise, many Americans are scratching any plans for a south of the border getaway because of rising concerns over safety.  However, there are still safe ways to visit Mexico for a carefree vacation.

“You certainly shouldn’t throw caution to the wind, but Manzanillo and many other tourist destinations are still safe places to travel,” says Howard Alper, a property owner in Manzanillo, Mexico.  “The majority of violent crimes are isolated to a few border towns, a thousand miles away.  If the crime rate increased in Los Angeles, would you avoid visiting Chicago?”

To travel wisely, make sure to pack your common sense with the bathing suit and sunscreen and follow these tips for a safe yet relaxing vacation.

  • Do Your Research:  When it comes to having a carefree vacation, geography is still the overriding safety factor.  Mexico is a large country with the majority of crimes occurring to the North in Mexico-US border towns such as Tijuana, while the coastal tourist destinations have crime rates lower than that of many US cities.  Do your research on areas you’re interested in visiting and avoid the places where violence is rampant.
  • Stay in a Gated Community:  Featuring private security firms with top-notch safety measures, gated communities make safety the highest priority for travelers and residents alike.  Strict policies provide private entry into the community, keeping condos and villas safe and secure.  This additional privacy allows vacationers to enjoy a tranquil and carefree getaway.
  • Avoid Advertising Your “Tourist” Status:  Exercise caution when traveling through crowds or on public transportation to avoid becoming a target for pickpockets.  Rather than attracting attention to yourself by waving money around or wearing flashy clothing and jewelry, attempt to blend in with your surroundings.  It is also important to stay aware of your surroundings since thieves will sometimes work in pairs.  
  • Be Prepared:  To avoid being lulled into a false sense of security, it is important to take certain precautions.  Carry a cell phone and list of emergency numbers with you, so in the rare event that a problem does arise, you are prepared.   Make copies of official documents such as your itinerary and passport, and email them to yourself in case you lose these documents.  You should also have a copy of these documents with you as well.   
  • Stick with Proper Transportation:  Taxis are an easy and affordable transportation choice and offer a direct route to your destination.  However, you should only use official taxis (Taxis Autorizados) that display their permit and are sponsored by the resort or hotel, rather than flagging down a taxi from the street.  Always agree on the price before entering the taxi to avoid being over charged.  
  • Utilize the Buddy System:  Don’t wander alone, especially at night.  If you’re traveling with a larger group inform others of your whereabouts so if troubles arise, someone you trust can help you out.  Stay aware of your surroundings and ask the hotel manager or another knowledgeable person if there are certain areas of the city that should be avoided. 
  • Purchase Travel Insurance:  Vacations are a time to relax, but nothing will be more stressful than being unprepared in a foreign country if an accident occurs.  Check with your health insurance provider to make sure that you are covered for emergency medical treatment in case of an emergency.  Travel insurance can assist your family through medical emergencies and unforeseen circumstances by arranging and paying for a medical evacuation or expenses.  There are various insurance packages available dependent upon your traveling needs, but having proper coverage will make for a worry-free vacation. 

Article provided by Alper Services:

About Alper Services: Alper Services was established in 1966 under the principle that an insurance representative should really understand their Clients’ businesses and manage their Total Cost of Risk. This includes: analyzing claims history, unique risk exposure, and properly presenting their risk to underwriters to achieve the lowest insurance premiums. Alper’s areas of expertise are: property/casualty, employee benefits, personal insurance and life/financial. For more information about Alper Services please visit Alper Sevices..

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