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Discover Mexico
Puerto Vallarta


Hola, Mexico! We just can't decide what we love most about you....your light sandy beaches, turquoise waters, delectable cuisine or unbeatable nightlife. Maybe what we love most is how a day can drift away with the tide while we sip margaritas and sprawl out with a contented sigh on one of your lovely beaches. Not much can compete with a relaxing vacation at a posh beach resort in Mexico....

And Mexico is not just for leisure anymore. With business incentive travel programs and the country's proximity to America's southwest, it's an ideal location for work. Cities like Cancun and Mexico City have more than enough meeting space and hotel rooms to host business gatherings of all types and sizes. 

We can't forget the culture of Mexico, either. From rugged border towns to colonial cities founded on the ruins of former Mayan settlements, you can discover the history in every area of Mexico.  

(photo courtesy of Puerto Vallarta CVB)


7 Tips to Ensure Safe Travel in Mexico

C O N V E N T I O N   V I S I T O R S   B U R E A U S

Discover interesting facts about Mexico and get travel tips on what you need to bring by visiting the Discover Mexico website.

M E X I C O   T R A V E L   P L A N N E R
Historical Note: The Aztec island settlement, known as Tenochtitlán, soon grew from a small village of huts into a large city of adobe houses and stone temples. It became the Aztec capital, serving as the center for Aztec trade and military activity throughout the region. It is estimated that at the time of the Spanish invasion in the early 1500s, the city was one of the largest in the world and supported a population of about 200,000 people.
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