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Tips for Flying

Preparation is the key to enjoyable travel by air

If you're traveling by air, there are a few tips that will make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable. Here are the key things to remember:

1. Trip Preparation
- You'll need your paper ticket, e-ticket confirmation, airlines itinerary or boarding pass to get through the security checkpoint.

- Bring proper photo identification — a valid photo driver's license, active passport or employee ID from a county, state or federal agency. Passengers traveling internationally must carry a passport.

- Pack any sharp objects, such as scissors (with blades longer than four inches) and knives, in your checked baggage. Visit for a detailed list of items prohibited in aircraft cabins. Items allowed in carry-on baggage include nail clippers, nail files, tweezers, safety razors (including disposable razors), eyelash curlers, knitting needles, walking canes and umbrellas.

2. Airport Check-In
Make sure to allow the following amount of time before your flight is scheduled to depart from the gate:

- Domestic flights: Check bags at least 2 hours prior; be at the gate at least one hour prior. Aircraft doors close 5 minutes prior.

- International flights: Check bags at least three hours prior; make sure to be at the gate at least an hour and a half prior. Aircraft doors close 5 minutes prior.

3. Security Screening
Please observe the following federally mandated rules and procedures at all airport security checkpoints:

- Be prepared to show your paper ticket, e-ticket confirmation or boarding pass with a government-issued photo identification as you approach the security checkpoint.

- Only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond the security checkpoints. Arrangements can be made at ticket counters for non-travelers to accompany travelers needing special assistance.

- You are allowed to have one carry-on bag and one personal item (such as purse or briefcase).

- Remove your laptop from its travel case and place in an additonal bin so that it can be x-rayed separately.

- Limit metal objects worn on your person or clothing. All hand-carried items, including coats, cell phones, keys, change, food and beverages, etc. must be screened through the x-ray machine. Food and beverages must be in unopened or spill-proof containers.

- If the alarm sounds when you walk through the metal detector, you will be screened with a hand-held metal detector and may also be subject to a pat-down search.

- Wear easy to remove shoes, as passengers may be randomly selected to have their footwear inspected.
4. Gate Procedures
- You and your carry-on baggage may be randomly selected for additional screening at your departure gate.

- You will be required to show your identification along with your ticket and/or boarding pass as you board the aircraft. Aircraft doors close 5 minutes prior to departure.

(Source: US Air)

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