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ROAD & TRAVEL Travel Safety: Safest Overseas Destinations

The Safest Overseas Hot Spots for Travel Explorers

War, natural disasters, crime... the list goes on and on citing reasons travelers should avoid certain international hot spots. Wondering which are your best bet during these days of turmoil? Read on for travel expert Laura McKenzie's top picks.

"At a time when safety has become a key consideration in the planning of a vacation, deciding where to go is an even more important decision," stated McKenzie. "While no one can guarantee a hazard free trip, this list showcases five destinations with low crime rates, clean food and water, minimal to non-existent terrorist threats and excellent medical services."

In order of ranking, the top five safest destinations are as follows:

1. Monte Carlo: With a police force that numbers about one officer for every one hundred residents and a twenty-four hour video surveillance system that spans the entire principality, the whole country is secure. This is the type of place where you can feel safe strolling along the streets on your own and if you decide to stop for a bite on your walk, you're in luck. Since Monaco caters to the wealthy, Monte Carlo's food is not only hygienic, but is some of the finest in the world.  

2. New Zealand: This country is an adventurer's paradise. While you can risk your life on the bungee jumps and speed boats, you don't have to concern yourself with personal safety on its hiking trails or city streets. Even if you do suffer from an extreme sport incident, rest assured that you'll receive excellent medical assistance throughout New Zealand.  

3. Malta: Malta has had no modern day terrorist threats and its crime rate is very low, which isn't surprising when you discover that Malta's police force is one of the oldest in the world. In fact, I normally don't recommend visitors to walk down narrow alleys, but in Malta, the pristine alleyways are safe to explore. Plus, they're the perfect place to take terrific photos.  

4. Switzerland: Switzerland not only has a low crime rate, but an excellent program for the victim of a crime, in which they can receive medical, psychological, social, financial and legal assistance. Switzerland also offers clean and attractive cities and towns with perfect alpine vistas.  

5. Singapore: This small island is known throughout the world for its swift and sometimes harsh penalties. The upside though is that Singapore is extremely safe. Not only is its justice system is impressive, it's one of the cleanest places in the world. It's also one of the most modern, with clean water, with an extremely efficient infrastructure and world class dining experiences and superb hotels. In fact, many of the hotels have their own doctors on call twenty-four hours a day in case of an emergency. 

"While these destinations offer many features that make them safe to visitors, it's ultimately the responsibility of the traveler to research their destination and take precautions for their own safety," added McKenzie. "If you practice common sense and are aware of your surroundings, you can be safe in almost every city and country in the world."

For more information on Laura and her TV show, please click here.

(Source: Associated Television International)