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Travelers Urged to Consider Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is Travel Protection For You

Snowflakes are already falling in parts of the United States. Snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice mean trouble for the nation's transportation providers, especially airlines. Access America, a leading provider of travel insurance and emergency assistance services, urges travelers to purchase travel insurance to protect themselves against potential travel delays and trip cancellations caused by harsh winter weather.

While frozen precipitation may only fall in certain parts of the country, the effects may be felt everywhere. "Flying out of Miami doesn't make you immune to a winter weather delay," said Beth Godlin, Access America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The plane you are supposed to board could be arriving from Chicago where a snow storm may be delaying all flights." Access America travel insurance covers up to $150 per day per person to reimburse for one-time accommodation and traveling expenses that result from a covered travel delay of six or more hours. Maximum coverage limits depend on the product.

For many travelers, the included 24-hour emergency assistance is the number one reason to purchase travel insurance. "When the planes aren't flying and everyone is trying to work with the airline's gate agent, our customers can simply call us on their mobile phones and we'll help them make hotel and travel arrangements," says Godlin. "It's a huge time saver and stress reliever."

Most travelers opt for non-refundable tickets which provide no security if their trip is canceled or delayed due to bad weather. Travel insurance not only provides travelers with reimbursement for their ticket but also offers coverage for lost, stolen or delayed baggage, supplier bankruptcy and much more. Travelers should talk to their travel agents about what type of insurance is best for them. When purchasing travel insurance, be sure to ask about coverage that protects against:

  • Weather conditions and natural disasters that hinder travel.

  • Traffic accidents before or during your vacation

  • Airline, tour, cruise or other supplier bankruptcy

  • Missed connections

  • Baggage delays

(SOURCE : Access America)