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What Women Want

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What Women Really Want in a Car

Vehicle Functionality and Space Top Women's Car Needs

Turns out, women still don’t have gadget envy when it comes to car features. According to a recent poll by Lease Trader, statistics show that the top priority for women when selecting a vehicle is functionality. Unlike other purchasing groups, women are not as likely to look for high-tech, entertainment gadgets in their vehicles, but storage capacity, functionality and safety features.

The survey reports that approximately 62 percent of women list fold-down back seats and storage as their top needs. Additionally, global positioning systems (GPS) were near the top of women's lists, with 13 percent of the participants surveyed selecting the feature as one of their top necessities.

Top Five Features for Women

1. Fold-down back seats/storage room

2. Bluetooth capability

3. MP3/iPod connectivity

4. Automatic open/close hatchback

5. GPS technology

Conversely, women who participated in the survey reported the sunroof as the most overrated vehicle feature. According to Melody Fund, Miami Beach resident and LeaseTrader customer, the fold-down back seat is a necessity for many drivers like herself.

“More storage space means I would have more options with my car,” said Fund, a Volvo sedan driver.

We want to know what feature you love best about your car? Drop us a line and your response may be featured in an upcoming article about vehicle features.

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Source —Lease Trader

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