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You Go, Girl by Denise McCluggage

(In Memorandum of Denise 1927 - 2015)

RTM's International Travel Editor Denise McCluggage

The idea was broached that this column be called “A Broad Abroad.” A catchy title, maybe, for a woman partaking of travel here and there. But probably a bit too hackle-raising even if it was meant as a jestful self-reference. (So not as bad as “A Bimbo in Limbo” but still not acceptable.)

Some women may object, indeed, to my using the word “girl.” (Haven’t we fought long enough!) But I’m hoping that “You Go, Girl” is an exhortation with enough exposure and good will behind it to be taken in the spirit in which it is intended.

The purpose of this column will be to pass on observations, information, admonitions and suggestions in hopes of making travel for women (particularly those going it alone) simpler, safer, more rewarding and as enjoyable as possible.

Sometimes a lone subject will take a full column. Sometimes a smattering of unrelated topics will fill it. And as time passes I would like to see this space become a relay station through which I pass thoughts, ideas and suggestions from readers. So let's go!

Denise passed in 2015. She was writing, blogging, and making TV and radio appearances until the day she died. You Go, Girl! We love and miss you deeply!

Denise was RTM's first-named Lifetime Legend Nominee in 2004. Click on link below to see video.

Click here to see YouTube montage of
Lifetime Legend Honorees


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About the author: Like the man surprised to learn he had been speaking prose all his life, Denise McCluggage is surprised to find she has been a pioneer. She just thought she was doing things she liked to do—among them drive fast cars and write about those who drove even faster cars. (Or drove cars even faster.) Nonetheless when women sportswriters were rare she was on the staff of the New York Herald Tribune covering primarily skiing and motor racing. She was known for doing what she wrote about whether it was skiing, racing or jumping out of airplanes (with a parachute.)

She was involved at the inception of Competition Press (now AutoWeek) for which she is a columnist and senior-contributing editor. She has a syndicated newspaper column called Drive, She Said and edits an Internet car magazine, called Denise is also a professional roadtest editor for RTM, whose many reviews can be found in our New Car Review section. Denise passed away in 2015. She is missed by all deeply.