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RVers Will Travel Despite High Gas Prices

Get Gutsy on These Exciting Adventure Tours for Women

Attention Women Travelers! Every have a hankering to go out and do something wild? Or have you wanted to go somewhere out of the ordinary, but just couldn’t find someone to share the experience? Well, chances are you’re not the only one. Women of adventure now have a plethora of choices for the closet thrill seeker inside you.

So, if your friends want to lounge around a posh hotel and get pampered, but you want something with more thrills & chills, check out these adventure groups and get whisked away to wherever the wind blows…

Adventures in Good Company

Adventures in Good Company

Say good-bye to the stress and clutter of daily life. Reconnect with what is truly essential. Spend a few days—or a few weeks—in the peace and splendor of some of the world’s most beautiful natural locations. Reinvigorate your mind…rejuvenate your body…nurture your spirit. And share the adventure with other active women as you laugh, support, and inspire each other to take on new challenges, both on your journey and in your life.

No matter your age or your level of fitness, we have an active vacation for you. We invite all women to join us for hiking, canoeing, sea kayaking, dog sledding, cultural explorations, wildlife viewing, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, or rafting.

Visit us at

Adventure Women

Adventure Women

AdventureWomen, Inc. has been a pioneer in women's vacations and adventure travel since 1982. The oldest adventure travel company for active women over 30, our adventure trips are for women traveling solo, or with sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends. We offer small, congenial, non-smoking groups for all ability levels.

Our trips are carefully researched and designed, and combine the best in women's travel with safety and comfort, luxury and adventure. We encourage women to follow their passions for action, personal challenge, or well-deserved R&R.

So pack your bags and join AdventureWomen for the time of your life. You make the phone call, we do ALL the planning.

See what we have to offer at

Adventurous Wench

Adventurous Wench

Enjoy an active vacation for women - adventures by day, and superb food and comfort at night.  You'll find women's touches like spa visits or cooking classes, too.  It's easier & safer than going on your own, and so much more fun!

“Travel teaches tolerance.  All of a sudden, we're the foreigners.  We see that though others may look or act differently, there's an underlying commonality, and we learn respect.  Nobody's superior, we're all just trying to live our lives as best we can.  Natural wonders uplift the spirit, and put our petty problems in perspective.  Adventure stretches our capabilities and sense of self.” - Deanna Keahey, founder of Adventurous Wench

It's not always easy for women to travel on their own.  Adventurous Wench was founded to help other women experience the fascination, the exploration, the connection, the growth, the sense of accomplishment, and the joy.

Arctic Ladies

Arctic Ladies

Arctic Ladies aim to provide unique women travel experiences in extraordinary settings by offering you an array of quality adventure trips in Alaska and selected international destinations.

We design our tours with you, the fun-seeking, adventurous woman in mind. Women participating in our adventures come from all aspects of life, making our trips more interesting. Whether you are looking for a leisure vacation or a moderate to high-energy adventure you will find the Arctic Ladies trip that is a perfect fit for you.

We keep group sizes small; we want you to remember the beautiful nature, not for nature to remember you. Traveling in small groups also means that each Arctic Lady plays an active role in the adventure. This participation guarantees a richer experience and promises to foster long-lasting friendships.

Bundle up and join us at

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild pioneered adventure travel for women back in 1978. Today we are the longest-running women's adventure travel company in the world. Our women-only trips range from active vacations with soft beds, hot showers and great food to challenging or beginner backpacking.

We believe that a women's wilderness trip offers a unique way for a woman to experience self-fulfillment and personal empowerment. Women blossom when they leave behind the expectations of their everyday lives, and meet the challenge of the outdoors with the upport and enthusiasm of other women.

Find out even more about the founder of Call of the Wild, Carole Latimer. [Profile]

Experience your calling at

Canyon Calling

Canyon Calling: Adventures for Women

Canyon Calling leads women’s adventure trips worldwide. Their unique vacations for women combine a group of five different outdoor quests. A typical schedule includes hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, walking a glacier, soaking in hot pools and horseback riding all in one week. These vacations are the magical way to take time out from one’s daily responsibilities. Prices for these trips are all-inclusive and the groups are kept small. They are also for non-smokers and moderately fit women, though no prior experience is necessary.

Create your own magic by visiting

Going Places Tours

Going Places Tours

Going Places! would like nothing better than to enhance your life by providing a high quality, outdoor experience. We believe that traveling is best done in small groups and on foot. You see so much more this way. Your overall experience is much richer than if you are part of a madding crowd riding around in a tour bus on a busy highway and staying at a hotel that caters to conventions. 

We feature small, personal cafes and inns that are locally owned and operated and offer special insights into each unique destination with knowledgeable guides, visits to museums, gardens or historical monuments, as well through the regional cuisine. Going Places! takes great pride in seeking out opportunities to get up close and personal with the people, history and culture of every place we visit.

So get going at

Gutsy Women Travel

Gutsy Women Travel

We believe that there is a Gutsy Woman inside each of us, one who occasionally needs to make time for herself to refresh and renew the mind, spirit and body. Over the last three years, GutsyWomen Travel has been developing a community of women who understand that concept, and who have turned to us for the opportunity to recharge their energies in the company of other like-minded women and in fascinating destinations.

Who is the Gutsy Woman traveler? They are homemakers, caregivers, educators and businesswomen. They are mothers, daughters, sisters and best friends. They have included affinity-groups (sorority reunions, professional organizations) who want a girls-only event. They have been both well-traveled individuals curious to interface with their counterparts in another culture and women who have never found the opportunity to explore the world outside their community--until now.

Gutsy Women Travel tours fall into three basic categories: GutsyCulture, GutsyAdventure, and GutsyCuisine, although tours in each category contain some combination of the other elements. Each program fosters a woman-friendly atmosphere not found on a standard tour. When you give yourself--or someone close to you--the gift of time and the gift of bonding, we’re ready to provide the trip that will fill that bill.

Find out more at

Menopausal Tours

Menopausal Tours

Menopausal Tours is a specialty travel company offering women 40, or more years wise, fabulous escorted vacations to some of the most exciting places in the world!   A Menopausal Tour appeals to dynamic "women of a certain attitude," and by that we mean fun!  Our tours are designed with an emphasis on our mid-life lust for life and curiosity about new and exciting locales!  We use comfortable, well known three and four star properties or beautiful boutique hotels in convenient downtown locations, all featuring spacious rooms and interior hallways for your maximum enjoyment and safety!

Embrace midlife at

Outdoor Beyond

Outdoor Beyond

Come enjoy an adventure with Outdoor Beyond, where we offer Women's Group Travel. Our Adventure Trips are safe and fun!  We stay active by immersing ourselves in the destination.  We don't sit on tour buses and observe - we participate!  Enjoy a walking tour, a yacht cruise, a lodge to lodge trek or inn to inn walk, a private fly-in safari or a luxurious multi-adventure - it's up to you! When you travel with Outdoor Beyond, you enjoy good food, taste excellent local wines, immerse yourself in beautiful scenery and make lifelong friends! 

Come and discover a whole new world outdoors at

Take-off, enjoy and get adventurous.