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International Car of the Year Awards: Past Winners, Awards Criteria

History of the International Car of the Year Awards
presented by
Road and Travel Magazine

Presented with the flair of the Academy Awards, ROAD & TRAVEL magazine presents its annual International Car of the Year awards to honor in the new model year. Nominees include American-sold vehicles manufac tured by American, British, German, Japanese, Korean and Swedish automakers. Categories awarded are:

International Car of the Year   International  Truck of the Year

Most Earth Aware Car of the Year

Most Earth Aware Truck/Utility of the Year

Launched in 1997, the International Car of the Year awards became the first awards to honor new vehicles based on the emotional connection consumers have during car buying and ownership. The ICOTY categories reflect a particular stage or mindset in one's life, representing how cars make us feel.

This "Past Awards" section takes you through the history of the ICOTY Awards — which automakers have walked away with trophies, those that have sponsored the event throughout the years, VIPs who have shown support of ICOTY by attending, and the extensive media coverage.

It's been a long, sometimes arduous, but always interesting, journey. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we have. Thank you for visiting ICOTY's history.

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