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Important Items to Carry in Your Car What Should You Carry in Your Trunk
in Case of a Roadside Emergency?

In case of roadside emergencies, accidents or bad weather, always have in your vehicle the following items:

  •   Jumper cables

  •   Pliers, an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver

  •   A first-aid kit

  •   Blankets

  •   A supply of any regularly needed or taken medications

  •   Candles and matches

  •   Sand or kitty litter for climates with snow or ice

  •   Clean water

  •   Canned fruit or nuts and a can opener

  •   Flashlight
  •   Extra set of warm clothes

  •   Kneeling pad for ground

  • Fully charged cell phone/car charger

(Courtesy of Automotive Service Association)

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