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jiffy lube maintenance partners for life

Drive Out Heart Disease With Jiffy Lube

By Karn Jilek

Jiffy Lube franchisee (Fargo, N.D.) and President,
Jiffy Lube Association of Franchisees

The facts are really startling.

  • Nearly 2,400 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day – an average of one death every 37 seconds. 

  • Heart disease is the nation’s number one killer of adults.

  • Despite more women dying of heart disease than the next five causes of death combined, only 21 percent of women view heart disease as their greatest health threat.  

Karn Jilek
Karn Jilek

I was stunned when I first saw this information. Even if you have not personally battled heart disease, the chances are you know someone who has – a family member, a friend, or a colleague.

While the prevalence of this deadly disease is what caught our attention at Jiffy Lube®, it was the realization that we could make a real difference in the fight against heart disease that motivated us to take action. Jiffy Lube selected the American Heart Association (AHA) and its Go Red for Women movement as an ideal partner and beneficiary because of their great reputation, passion for empowering women, and the positive impact they’ve made in fighting the disease.

Our Journey to Help Stamp Out Heart Disease
To bring our effort to life, we have collaborated with the AHA to create the Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners for Life campaign, which emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy heart and a healthy vehicle through basic preventive maintenance practices. We kicked-off the campaign last year and it was a tremendous success. According to the AHA, Jiffy Lube was the first corporate partner in the 80-year history of the AHA to raise more than $1 million in the first year of a fundraising campaign.

The success was a result of our fantastic customers who made donations, as well as Jiffy Lube franchisees and their employees across the country who went above and beyond their duties to raise money by hosting events, giving away services and sitting on AHA committees dedicated to fighting the disease. They showed how deeply committed they are to giving back to the communities they live in.

One Million Dollar Check Presentation

Lisa Carlson of Jiffy Lube International (right), presents a $1 million check to Lyn Hughes of the American Heart Association (left) in March 2008. The money was raised during year one of the Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners for Life campaign, which benefits the AHA's Go Red for Women movement.
(photo credit: Brian Turner)

Help Join The Fight
Because of the great response, we’re running the Maintenance Partners for Life campaign again this year and setting our goal even higher -– to raise $1.5 million for Go Red for Women. 

From January 28 through March 16, you can support the cause by making a $3 donation at one of more than 1,700 participating Jiffy Lube service centers across the country. In appreciation for the donation, you will receive a Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners for Life savings book with heart-healthy recipes and $100 in savings from Jiffy Lube and other AHA supporters. The best part is that 100 percent of funds raised benefit local Go Red for Women initiatives in your communities. 

Empowering You to Care For Your Vehicle
Another goal of the campaign is to empower women to take more control over the maintenance of their vehicles and stress the importance of preventive maintenance. A big part of that is educating yourself and asking your service provider questions. However, a good rule is to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, which can be found in your owner’s manual. This will help keep your vehicle running properly and help you avoid a costly breakdown. 

Learn More
You can learn more about the campaign by visiting a special web site we created at You will find the nearest participating locations and find tips on fighting heart disease and properly maintaining your vehicle. There is also a community page that allows you to share your personal story related to heart disease. You can also visit to learn more about Go Red for Women and their efforts to combat heart disease.