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2005 New Car Model Guide, Model Guide, New Car Reviews, Chrysler Cars, Trucks, & SUVs


2005 Chrysler New Car Model GuideCars that carry the silver-winged badge of Chrysler from Chrysler multiply in the 2005 line with edgy new models ranging from a stately sports touring sedan to a souped-up sports coupe and two-seat roadster plus a pop-top version of the retro-styled PT Cruiser.

Chrysler Pacifica
2005 Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler's crossover wagon is large -- as long as the biggest sedan and equally wide, with a prominent hood and broad grille consuming the face between corner clusters of projector-style headlamps. It has lots of doors - a pair of portals on each flank plus a top-hinged liftgate at the rear. Inside there are up to three rows of seats with individual buckets for rows one and two and a split bench in back that cradles two comfortably or three in a pinch.

For 2005 Chrysler is building three versions of Pacifica. The base edition installs seats for five on two rows. Pacifica Touring offers space for six configured in 2+2+2 layout. Both models also appear with front-wheel-drive (FWD) or on-demand AWD traction. The top model Pacifica Limited comes with AWD traction solely and luxury goods in a cab rigged for three tiers. The standard engine for FWD Pacifica is a 3.8-liter V6, while AWD Pacifica stocks a 3.5-liter V6 tuned to 250 hp.

Chrysler Crossfire
2005 Chrysler Crossfire

The spirited two-seater from Chrysler debuted in 2004 as a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) sports coupe blending slick American car styling with a chassis and parts from Germany via Mercedes. Original issues stocked a six-pack aluminum plant with a six-speed manual gearbox or optional five-speed automatic and Chrysler's AutoStick selective shifter. For 2005, the collection expands dramatically with open-top roadster editions plus powerhouse options for both coupe and roadster.
The Crossfire Roadster wears a fabric soft top that stows behind a rigid tonneau lid and it draws from the V6 powertrain of the original coupe. The Crossfire SRT-6 is a swift new coupe or roadster stocking a hand-built V6 supercharged to 330 hp.

Crossfire's retractable spoiler at the tail deploys above a designated speed of 60 mph to exert more aerodynamic force on the rear tires, but on the SRT-6 the spoiler is locked in place. New Limited models for coupe and roadster reflect a monochromatic paint treatment and carry luxury gear, along with high-tech car controls like an electronic stabilization program (ESP) to prevent wheels from skidding laterally.

Chrysler PT Cruiser
2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

The wild five-door wagon from Chrysler appears in four versions for 2005 with three powertrain choices. Models include the base PT Cruiser, Cruiser Touring, Limited and GT. The first three pull from the base plant, a naturally aspirated twin-cam 2.4-liter in-line-four set at 150 hp. For the Limited, a turbo-charged plant pumped to 180 hp is optional with an automatic transaxle, larger wheels and tires, leather-clad cabin and chrome decoration. The GT pushes a turbo 2.4-liter four-in-line tuned for high output at 220 hp with a Getrag heavy-duty manual five-speed and sport-tuned suspension settings.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible
2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Another ragtop from Chrysler comes to market as the 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible. It looks like the lid of a conventional Cruiser was pried off and a shapely roll bar added to arch across the 2+2 cockpit like the curvy handle of a basket. This open-sky edition gets a power convertible soft top with the rear glass window wired with an electric defroster. The entry model pulls from a 2.4-liter four-in-line plant rated at 150 hp with a manual five-speed transmission. The Touring model offers a turbo-charger with an automatic transaxle and the output fixed at 180 hp. The top trim GT goes further with high output turbo tipped to 220 hp. The GT PT also gets seats clad in leather, with more goods for safety aboard such as side air bags and four-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock controls.

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Chrysler 300 Series
2005 Chrysler 300

Chrysler's new flagship looks like an exclusive luxury coach of bold dimensions with an audacious face, upright structure and chiseled-block body. Titled under a numeric label as the 300 series, the sports sedan for the large-car class is cast on a new platform with the wheelbase stretched and engine mounted up front but power channeled to the rear wheels like elite European touring sedans. The platform was developed through Chrysler's parent DaimlerChrysler and shares some components with a sedan by Mercedes-Benz plus the new Magnum model from Dodge.

The 300's cabin was constructed around a cab-rearward concept to forge a space of comfort and practicality. Layout poses two large bucket seats up front with a bench in back broad enough for three. Three engines are available to power the car through four trims tagged as base 300, 300 Touring, luxurious 300 Limited and flagship 300C.

The cushy top model 300C-with soft leathers on seats and simulated tortoise shell trim on dash and steering wheel- totes a high-tech rendition of Chrysler's fabled Hemi engine with hemispheric combustion chambers. The 5.7-liter V8 makes 340 hp through an electronic automatic five-speed transmission teamed with Chrysler's AutoStick. The Hemi comes with a multi-displacement system (MDS) that can switch seamlessly and transparently to fuel-saving four-cylinder mode when all of that power is not needed. Chrysler adds another option to the 300 line with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system available for the top two powertrains.

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Chrysler Sebring Convertible
2005 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

The convertible treatment for Sebring rates as the most popular drop-top in America. It has four trims for 2005 - the entry-issue Sebring, the GTC, the Touring and the luxurious Limited. Sebring as a convertible supports either an economical 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine or Chrysler's lively 2.7-liter V6 worth 200 hp. The GTC comes with two-tone ultrahide bucket seats and new paint colors like Inferno Red Tinted Pearl Coat. The Sebring Touring's trim has leather seats with suede inserts and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, while the Limited applies premium leather to seats and offers the Autostick shifter.

Chrysler Sebring Coupe
2005 Chrysler Sebring Coupe

The two-door coupe variation of Sebring shows up in two trims for 2005 with the base Sebring and the upscale Limited. Both look cool and curvy with shapely front fascia etched for fog lamps and followed by a sleek hood and side sill moldings. This coupe format resembles the convertible Sebring yet it's built on a unique platform and brings different powertrain choices. For the base Sebring a 2.4-liter in-line-four reaches to 142 hp with a four-speed automatic transaxle. The Sebring Limited has a single-cam V6 that displaces 3.0 liters and develops 200 hp through an automatic four-speed with AutoStick option.

Chrysler Sebring Sedan
2005 Chrysler Sebring Sedan

Chrysler's mid-size sedan under the Sebring name shares the front-end styling of the Sebring Convertible including similar fascia and grille. Model designations extend to three trims this year labeled as Sebring, Touring and Limited. The base Sebring stocks a twin-cam 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 150 hp with a four-speed automatic transaxle, while the Touring and Limited models draw from a 2.7-liter V6 pegged at 200 hp. The Limited has new automatic temperature controls plus automatic headlamps, with a navigation system available plus a leather package and sunroof.

Chrysler Town & Country
2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler's minivans in deluxe treatment come in standard-length and extended-wheelbase editions. Lines look fresh this year with a revamped face featuring sculpted headlamps set above shapely fascia containing dual fog lamps. Inside, the cabin shows seats in three rows with new appointments added like sycamore wood trim in the center dash stack highlighted by satin silver accents.

Safety gear increases with curtain-style air bags stretching the length of the cabin above all outboard seats and an inflatable air bag positioned forward of the driver's knees. And Chrysler's inventive Stow 'n Go seat plan works here with second and third tier seats folding into the floor and storage bins set below each chair in upright position. FWD and AWD models are offered, with the top-of-the-line Limited capping this series and transforming the all-too-common minivan into a fancy people-hauler.