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2007 Volvo S-60 Sedan

by Martha Hindes

2007 Volvo S60
2007 Volvo S-60 Sedan Interior

Volvo's S60 could be called a vehicle that wears well. Cool, crisp and clean in line, its Scandinavian character has gained some additional punch for 2007 with between model change updates. Volvo calls them more refinement than dramatic changes. Among them: A new grille treatment, although -- as always -- the signature slant bar continues. The front bumper appears bigger and beefier than before, lending a solid look to the overall design, while an available front spoiler has been engineered to be more aerodynamic. Red passion replaces Ruby Red in the exterior color pallet.

Exterior side mirrors now integrate turn signals with a lane-change tap function. And the light beams from the optional new, active Bi-Xenon headlamps can move as much as 15 degrees to the right or left as they follow steering wheel input. As before, each of the three different five-cylinder powerplants on S60 models are turbocharged, with a 2.5-liter, 208-HP version on the $30,000, manual trans base model.

Other changes include suspension updates for more precise driving character on all models, not just the enthusiasts' sporty "R" model. Long range travelers give the S60 high marks for front seat comfort, but a so-so grade for the smallish rear seat.

The front-drive-based S60 contains a full complement of safety features, continuing Volvo's longstanding safety badge of honor -- around before most competitors considered safety a major selling point. Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC), side impact protection, side curtain airbags, whiplash control, anti-submarine seats and tire pressure monitors are standard. The S60 wins four and five-star federal cash test ratings.

The S60, with a premium character comes with a premium fuel requirement (about 21/30 best mileage). But for someone wanting a sporty sedan with classic lines and available upscale touches including nav system, rainsensor wipers, 6-CD player with Dolby surround sound, an interior air quality sensor and some handy dandy grocery bag holders, plus pollen filters on all versions, the S60 could fill the bill.