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2010 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe

2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Coupe Road Test

Memories of a First Love

by Courtney Caldwell

Like Cher and Madonna and Beyonce this American beauty need no other name but one, Corvette. Everyone knows of what you speak when you speak its name. The sheer whisper of the word Corvette inspires desire, sets pants on fire, and for some of us conjures up memories of a first love.

When most reminisce about their first love they remember the sparks of another human being, a carbon based unit that sent chemical shock waves through the very core of their hormonally charged young fertile body. Not I. My first love had a deep throaty roar and muscular biceps... the 1967 Corvette Sting Ray.

Those memories came flooding back this week when testing the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Coupe. It needed no introduction upon arrival. The roar of its 436 horses galloped into my driveway as not one but more like a stampede of many. It was music to my ears. Instantly, I knew that the ascendant of my first love had formally arrived, and so did my neighbors. Its rumble ricocheted off the six building complex sending sound waves through the morning air. People poured out in pajamas to gaze upon its beauty as if a rock star had just rolled in on a chariot. Not one was without a smile upon their face nor were they pissed at the early day disturbance. “Wow, is that your car?” one asked. How I wish I could have said yes.

Getting into a Corvette is no easy feat for those over fifty but well worth the effort once firmly planted in its hip-hugging seat. In most cars, we start the engine and go. Not in a Corvette. One sits and savors the sights and smells of its sexy surroundings. It’s almost orgasmic. For some, perhaps almost is not enough.

The dark titanium cockpit of our torch red Corvette test car was out of this world with bells and whistles that boggle the mind. But who would expect less? Sport bucket seats with perforated leather inserts matched with its leather wrap steering wheel, soft and supple to the touch. The six-way power seat adjustment is fit for lovers of every size. XM Satellite Radio is standard with a booming Boze premium seven speaker system. And who doesn’t love a power telescoping steering wheel for the short and long in all of us? And I’m still parked in the driveway. It’s like foreplay…

I press the ignition and there it is… that rumble, that roar that rattles my cage. Move over Harley as I shiver with delight. Memories of my first love flash through my mind in living color. I remember where I was my first time… seeing that ‘67 shark-nosed Sting Ray roll into my world. Slow motion ensued as the movement of muscle held my heart hostage; rendering me useless for others.

When the Sting Ray was born in 1967 only those in the boy's club were captains of the cockpits. No girls allowed unless you decided to accept a date with the dubious distinction of eye candy in the passenger seat. Not today. With the advent of financially independent and successful female boomers, twenty-five percent of Corvette’s sales come from women executives and entrepreneurs, who can now comfortably commit sixty grand to a sexy roadster. Guys take a back seat as women finally reach the climax of their success and dust off dreams that never died.

Driving this curvaceous coupe was like no other. As expected, necks craned at every turn. Miles of smiles filled faces of those on the sidelines, mouths forming words of wow, and foaming with desire to drive one.
Don’t expect great gas mileage on the 2010 Corvette GS Coupe. It doesn’t come with the territory. Folks at GM claim 16 MPG in the city, and 26 on the freeway, with an expected range of 21 to 31 MPG for ‘most’ drivers. However, they do qualify that statement with ‘your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.’ Can’t blame them… Corvettes are not made for staying within the limits… of either your mind or the mileage posted. But who cares? Once in a Corvette, the sky is the limit... and the dare of three digits on the odometer is well worth the risk.

Owning a Corvette is not for those who wish to live their lives in total anonymity. It screams sex appeal and success…its power penetrating. It clearly represents an extension of not only one’s personality but also any body part that one feels needs extension. What else can I say? Not a thing because Corvette speaks for itself in the language of love leaving a lifetime of lasting memories.

Specs: 2010 Corvette GS Coupe
Our test vehicle fully loaded; $69,855
Standard vehicle price: $54,770
6.2 Liter 436 HP Engine
6-Speed manual transmission
Keyless Entry
Theft deterrent system and alarm
Antilock brake system
One year OnStar Safe & Sound with automatic airbag deployment response
Airbags, frontal and side-impact with passenger sensing system
Not yet rated by the government for frontal crash, side crash or rollover risk
Power heated side view mirrors and so much more…

Visit the Chevy Corvette website for more info and all available options.