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C A R R I B E A N   I S L A N D S
• • • • • •
R A V E S   R E V I E W S

EXUMAS: Crowded beaches, casino gambling, and throngs of people much like yourself—looking to get away from it all—are good reasons why you should visit Exuma, Bahamas. Both Great and Little Exuma are outstanding picks for losing yourself in natural beauty while connecting with real island life. With wide open sun-drenched skies and beaches, limitless coral reefs, and small islands waiting for discovery just offshore, cell phones, satellite TV, and Internet suddenly devolve into annoyances hindering your escape. [READ]

COPAN: The sound of marimba music rises off of the cobblestone streets and mixes with the aroma of spiced meats and fresh tortillas being grilled on street corners, and the voices of townspeople sharing the day in the town plaza. As locals would say it's a "typical" day in Copan, the heart of activity in north western Honduras. [READ]

Honduras, Caribbean: Anthony's Key Resort

HONDURAS: Everything in Honduras is slow, slow as I've never experienced. Heat leeches muscle fiber, skeletal strength and all ambition. Coral sand grits under my bare feet, after the espadrilles unlace. Even the lightning pulses long and lazy on the ocean's horizon. [READ]

ST. VINCENT & GRENADINES: What are the odds, I wonder? I am in the company of one Jennifer Sparrow as I tour the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, where the mega Disney hit motion picture Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was filmed. The lead character was none other than Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate rogue brilliantly portrayed by Johnny Depp. [READ]

ST. LUCIA: IN AWE OF ITS BEAUTY: It is impossible not to be in awe of St. Lucia's beauty. Bathed in the brilliance of the intense Caribbean sun, the island's vibrant colors explode in a dazzling array of blues, greens, yellows and reds. Here, nature's artistry is the envy of any mere mortal. [READ]

CARIBBEAN SAILING: THE LURE OF THE SEA: For centuries, mankind has had a fascination for the sea. It is mysterious, ominous, beautiful, and unpredictable. It offered hope, promised adventure, and rewarded those who braved its dangers. It's not hard to love the sea, or to dream about its secrets. Many have-and I am among them. [READ]

ANTIGUA: BRITISH BY DESIGN CARIBBEAN BY NATURE: Antigua had been a British Colony for more than 300 years before being granted self-rule in 1967 and independence in 1981. The island is proud of its British heritage and flaunts it at every opportunity. At Dow's Hill Centre near Shirley Heights, there is a multi-media presentation about the island's unique history that is extremely well done. [READ]

MARTINIQUE: THE ROMANCE OF FRENCH HISTORY: Martinique, a Caribbean island with a strong French history and culture, is a haven of breath-taking beaches, a stellar climate, lush vegetation and luxurious hotels. Yet this French-speaking island has a unique distinction all its own, a very special je ne sais quoi. [READ]

Exploring the Carribean: Tourist Website

C A R R I B E A N  T R A V E L   P L A N N E R