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R A V E   R E V I E W S

The Other Montecarlo

Montecarlo, Italy Review

Outdoor cafés and the churches of Sant Andrea and S. Anna form the perimeter of Piazza Carrera midway along the narrow Via Roma. At a small table several women dressed in black sit sipping Montecarlo red. On the crest of Cerruglio hill the breeze is refreshing after a warm day touring the treasures of Florence. Welcome to the other Montecarlo, the Italian one. [Read]

Lake Como's Varenna

Varenna, Italy

I’ve always preferred bluebloods to Bluetooths and villas to video conferencing, but I assumed I couldn’t vacation like Old Money and pay the new mortgage too. I was pleasantly surprised when I began planning my 30th birthday trip and discovered we could swing our airfare and our aristocratic lodgings in Varenna, Italy for under a thousand dollars a person, much less than we had shelled out to visit Florence, Venice, or Rome. [Read]

Roman Statues

Holiday in Umbria
ften referred to as the, “Green Heart of Italy,” the region of Umbria is blessed with a rich history. The Umbrii people founded many Umbrian towns during the Iron Age around 1000 BC; the still vibrant city of Amelia predates Rome by almost 300 years. What followed is a multi-layered record of civilization: Etruscan foundations support Roman ruins topped by medieval hill towns. [Read]

Pisa, Italy: A View From the Guestroom

A Piece of Pisa
he Tuscan sky put on a twilight show, complete with rosy clouds and amber rays, as a pair of nuns crossed the River Arno’s pale stone bridge. The nuns eclipsed a couple at the bridge’s center who fell into an embrace. Students wearing cool wraparound sunglasses glided by on bikes as women in fashionable wool suits sauntered arm in arm. I’d arrived in Pisa just in time for the passegiata – the early evening stroll. [Read]

Tuscan Women Cook
uscany is known for many things - gorgeous vistas, friendly villages...and delicious food. Now you can learn how to cook some of these dishes with the help of those who know the most - Italian women. Explore the region, live like the locals...and learn the tricks of the trade. Susan Van Allen takes you there! [Read]

New Era for Ischia
The island of Ischia is lush, teaming with bougainvillaea and greenery, even in winter. The scenery is spectacular (remember the cinematic vistas in The Talented Mr. Ripley?). Embraced by the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ischia remains a well-kept secret, nearly unspoilt by tourist taint. [Read]

See Rome by Moped
Feel like the locals the moment you mount your moped! You may be taking your life in your hands with every turn, but there's no better way to see the sights in the Eternal City. Amanda Castleman braves the fierce Roman traffic to give you the lowdown. [Read]

Cruisin' Italy in a BMW
Talk about traveling in style! Take a spin the new BMW 745i through the glory of Italy. BJ Killeen is your guide for this once-in-a-lifetime luxurious ride. [Read]

I T A L Y   T R A V E L   P L A N N E R