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Road & Travel Magazine's
Annual Vehicle Model Guide Archive

Every year automakers roll out the newest in shiny vehicle models with hopes to entice and lure customers into sparkling showrooms. Plans, promotions and preparation for the new line-ups begin early in the year, but dramatic unveilings are scattered throughout, ensuring that by the actual model year, car buyers will be grinning behind the wheel of their sought-after ride.

To make life easier for you, RTM compiles a New Car Model Guide each year, introducing the complete line-up of every automaker whose products are sold within the U.S. From cars to trucks to SUVs and everything in between - you'll be privy to stats, specs and numbers on both this year's models and those of years past. Sharpen your used car smarts by clicking on the guides of previous years or check out this year's guide for the latest on-the-road offerings.

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