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ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine: 2007 ICOTY Vehicle Nominees

by Martha Hindes

Toyota Camry Named 2007 International Sedan of the Year

Sedan of the Year - 2007 Toyota Camry

Mention Toyota's Camry and you're likely to think midsize, mid-price and middle-of-the-road. The first two perceptions are likely to stay around for a long time. The third could be on its way toward an evolution. Camry, America's best selling automobile, has endured a reputation for being boringly bland despite its long-lived popularity. Its makeover for 2007, with more emphasis on Toyota's self-proclaimed, yet cautiously executed design elegance and athleticism, could fuzzy that notion.

What ICOTY jurors found during judging of the Sedan - Most Dependable category was a welcome visual renovation, if not extreme makeover. With the careful refinements of Camry's considerable strengths an additional boost, it became the undisputed category champion for 2007.

Expanding families (in Boomer girth as well as number) should find more comfort in this slightly enlarged Camry with a tad more length and width, rear seat recline for long trip relaxation, some added power through V-6 engine upgrades tweaked for driving enthusiasts, and a spiffy new six-speed transmission with manual shift mode. There's deference to the height challenged thanks to a telescoping steering column that complements tilt steering. Wheel, suspension and other chassis modifications enhance driving precision.

And like any other growing family, Camry adds a welcome new baby to its sixth-generation staple. A hybrid version that could eke out high 30s in the miles-per-gallon race should appeal to the earth-conscious crowd.

Find a Toyota Camry at

Honorable Mentions:

Nissan Altima

"Rigid" might seem a quality to be avoided. But applied to a more rigid body structure, along with redesigned suspension, it's a welcome aspect of Nissan's newly revised Altima sedan. Nissan's full-size, front-drive aggressively handsome staple won cheers from RTM editors, who awarded this fourth generation remake an honorable mention.

Underscoring this next generation remake is an all-new platform designed to enhance performance. Improved four and six-cylinder power joins such high tech touches as push button start/stop Intelligent Key, Bluetooth hands-free communications, rear view monitor and touch screen navigation. Nissan's secret weapon? A hybrid for sale in some states as soon as early 2007.

Read RTM's Review of the 2007 Nissan Altima
(Find Your Nissan Altima Now)

Mercedes-Benz E Class BLUETEC Diesel

Blue can be beautiful for green. As in BLUETEC for a healthy green planet. Mercedes-Benz left no technology unturned in seeking a planet-friendly diesel meant to entice hesitant American buyers away from internal combustion gas guzzlers. Now there's the revolutionary, clean diesel engine technology from parent company DaimlerChrysler, powering its luxury E Class BLUETEC Diesel sedan, that helped it win an ICOTY honorable mention for 2007.

Besides scrubbing the exhaust of emissions, the technology should help provide about a third better fuel economy while being among the cleanest running vehicles around. But don't expect a driving penalty as a result of that corporate conscience. The E320 BLUETEC can jump from zero to 60 miles per hour in a scant 6.6 seconds.

(Find Your Mercedes-Benz E Class Now)

Car of the Year
Lexus LS 460

Truck of the Year
Chevy Silverado

Most Sex Appeal/ Sports Car
Jaguar XK

Most Dependable/Sedan
Toyota Camry

Most Compatible/Minivan
Hyundai Entourage

Most Resourceful/SUV
GMC Yukon

2007 ICOTY Awards Links