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Nissan Titan - 2005 Pickup Truck Buyers Guide

2005 Nissan Titan Review

by Martha Hindes

Nissan Titan
Nissan Titan Interior

After a banner introduction of its award-winning Titan full-size pickup, Nissan could be excused for taking a breather. Changes for 2005 are mainly some cosmetic touches and options adjustments, as would be expected.

The Titan, launched a year ago, was designed from the ground up on a ladder-frame base with attention to driving dynamics for savvy U.S. pickup buyers accustomed to nearly sacrosanct dominance of the segment by American companies. (In Japan, it would almost be guaranteed to overlap another lane at full throttle.) To make inroads, the Japanese auto maker headlined "pure unabashed" power, and featured some truck market firsts it is passing along to other Nissan products. King Cab doors, for example, open 168 degrees to make getting in and out a breeze. Protective bedliner coating is sprayed on during production. A new tie-down system, lockable truck bed storage compartments and interior room also got high marks at introduction.

For 2005, depending on model, Titans gain powerup/down rear privacy glass with defroster as standard, dampened assist for tailgates to make them easier to raise or lower, and active seat head restraints. A new exterior color, Red Alert, and interior color, Steel, are added. Titans come in two passenger-friendly configurations, a top-line Crew Cab with 5.7-foot-long truck bed and King Cab with 6.7-foot bed. Powering the pair is a 5.6-liter 305-HP V8 engine, generating 379-lb.ft. of grunting torque. Towing capacity is 9,500 pounds for King Cab, 9,400-pounds for the Crew Cab. Both come with two-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive with high and low modes.

Titan's chunky face and strong body should be guaranteed to attract the "in-your face," "own-the-mountain" crowd. (Note the "Texas Titan" package.) And Nissan stresses a claim of "value" as an added 2005 lure. (Prices ranges from about $23,000 to just under $36,000.) Our take on the Titan? If you want a yeehaw drive (especially in "Red Alert" red) and don't mind today's escalating fuel prices, go for it.