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A new feature to RTM, our model guides bring you a glimpse at an automaker's lineup - from sports car to sedan. Veteran automotive journalist Bob Plunkett will be giving you the basic lowdown on the brand's vehicles, complete with statistics and photographs. This month we feature Ford - and don't forget to keep an eye out for next month's model guide!

by Bob Plunkett

2003 Nissan Murano2004 Chrysler Pacifica2003 Buick Rendezvous2003 Infiniti FX452003 Pontiac Vibe

Different types of vehicles -- slick and powerful coupes, big sedans and spacious station wagons, plus some racy convertibles -- wear the blue oval badge of Ford for the 2003 class.

Ford builds four-door sedans in two sizes for the full-size Crown Victoria and mid-size Taurus. Each scores as a bestseller in its category and carries advanced safety gear such as the Ford Personal Safety System.

A subcompact series grouped under the Focus label -- current best-selling small car in the world -- subdivides into sedans, wagons and sporty hatchbacks including two souped-up SVT performance models.

SVT, meaning Special Vehicle Team, is the acronym for a group of automotive engineers at Ford who create high-performance versions of particular car models by applying special suspension hardware and engine tuning, racer-size brakes with big speed-rated tires and other accoutrement of lickety-split road romping.

Two variations of the Focus SVT show up for 2003 as a three-door hatchback coupe or five-door hatchback sedan.

Ford's other small car, ZX2 in hatchback coupe configuration, continues to lure young buyers due to some zippy manners and attractive price points.

Coupe and convertible variations loaded with strong powertrains represent Ford's muscle car, legendary Mustang.

The 2003 series ranges from a new retro-styled Mach 1 and the Mustang Pony appearance package to an awesome SVT Mustang Cobra spitting out supercharged strength.

Another legendary name at Ford -- Thunderbird-- reflects sleek two-seat roadster styling and earns a 28-point boost in power from the 'Bird's big V8.

That said, let's get started....

A fork in the road....either navigate through our sedan buyer's guide by clicking on 'Start' or by selecting one of the models listed below!