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Courtney Caldwell Press Kit & Career Summary

Summary | Bio | Topics | Clients | Contact | Event Demos | Services & Fees

PUBLISHER & PRESIDENT: 1989 - 2010: Courtney Caldwell is the founder, president and publisher of two multimedia companies, which include digital publications and event productions that specialize in automotive, travel, safety and environmental issues.

SPOKESPERSON: As an auto and travel expert, Caldwell has been interviewed by hundreds of TV, radio and print media outlets, appeared in dozens of SMTs, and served as a media spokesperson for many national clients. [VIEW CALDWELL'S DEMO REEL - 6:00]

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Caldwell has created, produced and hosted numerous event productions from Los Angeles to Detroit throughout her twenty year career.

PUBLISHER & EDITOR: As a magazine publisher and editor, Courtney has written scores of travel, auto and safety articles, and has also served as a script writer for event and on-air television productions. [THE GLAMOROUS LIFE OF A PUBLISHER].


ROAD & TRAVEL MAGAZINE: Founded in 1989 (in print), RTM provides content and resources from which consumers can make informed decisions about new vehicle purchases, travel planning, and personal safety. RTM online launched in 2000 and is currently the largest online resource to target the women's auto and travel markets.

EARTH, WIND & POWER MEDIA: This new media brand was founded in 2008 to educate consumers on climate change and offer solutions to environmental issues that affect our daily lives.

EARTH, WIND & POWER BLOGAZINE: Inspired by the growing concern for global warming and its devastating effects on all life, Caldwell founded the EWP Blogazine to provide content and resources from which consumers can make informed decisions on environmental issues and topics. [EWP BLOG]


INTERNATIONAL CAR OF THE YEAR AWARDS: Creator, executive producer & host. Launched in 1997, ICOTY honors the most emotionally compelling car and truck of the year, as voted upon by the ICOTY Jury of 20 editors and journalists from reputable automotive media outlets. J.D. Power and Associates audits jury ballots.

EARTH, WIND & POWER AWARDS: Created and produced by Caldwell, the EWP Awards honor the most environmentally progressive car and truck of the year. The inaugural awards launched in January 2009 at the MGM Grand Detroit. The 2nd annual EWP Awards honoring 2010 vehicles debuted in Los Angeles in December 2009 where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sent his Secretary of California Environmental Protection Agency, Linda Adams, to provide opening remarks. Bridgestone Tires sponsored the Los Angeles Debut. [VIEW DEMO DVD ON CLIMATE CHANGE]

EARTH ANGEL AWARD: Presented to the most eco-friendly automaker for outstanding achievements and progress in the fight against global warming. Caldwell produced and launched this first-of-its-kind environmental company award in January 2009 in Detroit. [EARTH ANGEL AWARD WINNER]

LIFETIME LEGEND AWARD: Launched in 2004, this award honors a veteran automotive journalist for outstanding career achievements during his or her lifetime in the automotive industry. [LIFETIME LEGEND DVD]

HEART STRING AWARD: Launched in 2005 to demonstrate the emotional connection between car and consumer. Numerous emotionally-compelling car commercials that ran on national television in the previous year are showcased in a montage style presentation set to heart-pounding music. [HEART STRING MONTAGE]


MEDIA COVERAGE: All interviews posted here are from 2004 - 2010.

Press play to view Radio Interview
CBS-The Early Show (click on news video), The Today Show, Fox National News, MSNBC, CNNfn, World News Tonight, NBC National News, Lifetime, The Learning Channel, CNN, CNBC, Good Morning America, ESPN, ABC, FOX, Tom Snyder Show. [FULL LIST]
Time, Ladies Home Journal, CBS Market Watch, New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Business Asset, Forbes, People, US, Marketing News, Autobild, & hundreds more. [FULL LIST]
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