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2011 Audi TT Roadster

2011 Sexy Car Buyer's Guide by Martha Hindes

2011 Audi TT Coupe Road Test

Our first test of the Audi TT was weeks after its initial introduction, and was it ever memorable. It brought wonderful control, attitude that belied its diminutive size and a heart-pounding yearning for more. After a few days of sublime ownership (aka media test drive), we suddenly lost a passionate love when with cold shower resignation we sadly gave it back.

Fast forward to 2011 and it's obvious those first delicious, teasing memories more than a decade ago hadn't faded away -- like Britney Spears' probable recollections of Justin Timberlake's long-ago affection -- pre-Cameron Diaz and many others. Rather, we've discovered they've grown up with the second generation TT.

Currently there are four TTs -- regular and S versions of coupes and roadsters -- and changes that go along with them, like some recent subtle exterior updates. Like Demi Moore's reported recent facelift, a tuck here, a shaping there have brought more emotional grip to the enticing design.

But like any good siren determined to hook her prey, the TTs biggest bait is beneath the surface -- or hood in this case. Extra power for 2011 comes from a 2.0-liter, 211 HP horsepower (265 HP for S), turbo-charged four cylinder engine mated with Audi's Quattro, its trade name for all-wheel drive now on all TTs. Trannies are six-speed autos and all MPG is 22/31.

The TT can be loaded with goodies: Navi, premium sound, electronics, suspension and wheel upgrades among available add-ons. Tempting, but guaranteed sticker shock if one is expecting the $38,300 base price. (But automatically retractable spoiler and the rare smoking package are standard.)

The refreshed four-seat TT coupe for 2011 is a jewel of course. But our favorite remains the two-seat roadster not around during that long ago initial test drive. (We can be fickle, too.) With electronic ragtop stowed and a sense of abandon, what compares to a windswept drive with nothing but sunglasses muting the view?

There are no sedan pretensions with this roadster, like some competitors' with minuscule and virtually uninhabitable back seats that become alternative storage space. Their trunk room disappears when the currently popular multiple-panel folding roofs tuck into the trunk.  Those hard shell, mechanically complex roofs inevitably will need costly repairs when cars are driven long-term as intended -- top down.

Given the chance to drive the latest TT roadster, what would happen? Does Dolly Parton take a deep breath when she sings? How else would one treat a revved up, super sexy, sultry German sports car designed to blow away stretches of straightaway or tear along narrow ribbons of mountain roads with the nimble grip of a bobcat. Need we say more?

For more information on the 2011 Audi TT Coupe, click here.


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