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Satellite Media Tours - Road & travel Magazine

Courtney Caldwell ~ Satellite & Radio Media Tours
Automotive, Travel & Personal Safety Expert

Summary | Bio | Topics | Clients | Contact | Event Demos | Services & Fees

Satellite Media Tours (SMT) and Radio Media Tours (RMT) are an essential part of RTM's offerings. Because RTM specializes in automotive, travel and personal safety topics, we are considered among the most knowledgeable and reputable people in their fields.

As a result, Road & Travel Magazine founder and editor, Courtney Caldwell is sought by various companies and organizations to serve as a spokesperson to represent client products or services.

Below is a list of current and past client tours.

Satellite Media Tours
Jiffy Lube International - Maintenance Partners for Life
State Farm Auto Insurance
Acuvue Contact Lenses - Night Driving Campaign
OnStar - Women & Auto Safety
OnStar - Safety on the Road
AutoNation USA
Walmart Tire & Lube Centers
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