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Auto Advice by Road and Travel Magazine

Car Buying and Automotive Advice for Women

When it comes to all things automotive, what do women really want? As a female-focused publication, we at ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine pursue the answer to that question every day for every issue.

From female-friendly features (think adjustable foot pedals) to mom-friendly amenities (backseat DVD players and third row stadium seating), women have voiced their opinions and automakers are listening. After all, women purchase more than 50 percent of all new vehicles and influence 85 percent of all new car sales.

At WHAT WOMEN WANT, we've got answers.

Read What Women Want for Travel


Favorite Vehicles for Females
RTM Auto Buyer's Guides
RTM's 2008 Vehicle Model Guide
Infiniti: Pedicures & Performance
A Vehicle to Fit Your Lifestyle
Yes, Women Want Green Cars
Real Trucks for Women
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Car Care Improves Fuel Economy
Tips to Lower Driving Expenses
What Your Car Says About You
Him vs Her: Bad Driving Habits
Fuel Efficiency for Females
Clutter Free Car Tips
How to Organize the Garage
Equip Car with Car Care Kit
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Car Buying Tips
Women & Used Car Dealership

Breaking Down Car Buying Fees
Top 10 Dealership Tips
Minimize Dealers: Shop Online
Financing a Vehicle: Low Down
Eliminating the Fear Factor
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Life-Saving Tips for Women
Summer Driving Tips
Warning: Parking Lot Predators
Avoiding Violence at Your Car
How to Identify a Real Cop
Driving on the Phone
How to Handle Car Theft
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Practical Gift for Mom's Heart
Nissan's Family Friendly Feature
Vehicle Functionality

Kid-Safe Cars
How to Install a Child Seat
OnStar Tips for Moms & Kids
Car Games for Kids
Traveling with Tots in Tow
Top Family-Friendly Vehicles
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Worst Polluting Vehicles
2009 Green SUV Buyer's Guide
2008 Green Car Buyer's Guide
Fuel Future: Hybrid & Biodiesel

It's Easy Buying Green
Advantages: Hydrogen & Hybrid
So what is E85? Ethanol?
Fuel Efficiency for Women
How to Offset Carbon Emissions
Women Want Eco-Friendly Cars
Gas Past the Pump: Crude Oil
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